Eaint Myat Chal - Miss Earth Myanmar 2015 (2)
Eaint Myat Chal – Miss Earth Myanmar 2015
  1. Missosology: Hello Myat! First of all, belated congratulations for winning such a prestigious title. How is your preparation going so far?

Eaint Myat Chal: For my body, I’m training with trainer at gym every day. I make proper diet plan. For my inner beauty, I’m doing actively non-profit charity works and for outer beauty, I’m taking care of my skin regularly to be naturally beautiful and healthy. For my brain, I’m reading and searching environmental knowledge from websites and books. I am also preparing the required outfit and dresses for my pageant. I watch Miss Earth pageant videos and activities through the internet to know how Miss Earth Winners performed on stage to win the crown. My organization, MGLM is giving intensive training all the time. My senior Miss Earth Myanmar, Ei Mon Khine is giving me great advices and sharing her wonderful experiences that she gained from Miss Earth pageant. I could learn a lot from her and from MGLM training. Moreover, I am always listening to my fans and Miss Earth Pageant lovers from around the world. So I come to know what they want me to be, what I really need to change to be better and that makes me really good transform for the pageant. Now, I am getting ready and practicing for talent competition and other challenges as well.  And I’m very satisfied with my everyday activities, training and preparations.

Eaint Myat Chal - Miss Earth Myanmar 2015
Eaint Myat Chal – Miss Earth Myanmar 2015

2. Missosology: You will be leaving for Vienna soon, and we heard that it is very cold right now in Austria. How excited are you to be there?

Eaint Myat Chal: I’m very excited for that time to be in Vienna. I suppose the weather might be very different from my country. So, I’m preparing for my health and fashion for the days in Vienna. I’m sure I’ll enjoy in Vienna with my awesome winter fashion.


3. Missosology: This is the first time that Miss Earth leaves Asia, so the Asians will now have the advantage in terms of appreciating exotic beauties. What do you think of your chances at the upcoming Miss Earth pageant?

Eaint Myat Chal: I feel satisfied and excited to go to European Reign, very very far away from my country, Myanmar. I believe all the candidates will be beautiful with their outstanding qualities and abilities. I am so happy to meet my new lovely friends by sharing different culture and environmental knowledge as truly beautiful Miss Earth warriors. For me, I’m preparing and trying my best for all the challenges of the Crystal Celebration of Miss Earth Pageant. That’s why I believe I can do my best in upcoming Miss Earth Pageant.

Eaint Myat Chal - Miss Earth Myanmar 2015
Eaint Myat Chal – Miss Golden Land Myanmar – Earth 2015 and the official representative of Myanmar to Miss Earth 2015 in Vienna, Austria.

4. Missosology: In your opinion, what do you think is the biggest environmental problem in your country, and how has this title helped you in finding solutions to those problems?

 Eaint Myat Chal: In developing countries like Myanmar, people are following the newly updated technologies hardly. So, they forget how our Mother Earth is badly harmed by our daily activities and wastes. So, as a Miss Earth Myanmar, I stand as a speaker in open discussions and share environmental knowledge to youths in various universities and schools around the nation. I am actively getting involved in many environmental charity organizations.

Eaint Myat Chal - Miss Earth Myanmar 2015
Eaint Myat Chal – Miss Earth Myanmar 2015

5. Missosology: If you were to magically eradicate just ONE environmental problem, what will it be and why?

Eaint Myat Chal: I want to make disappearing plastics from all over the world including the technology of plastic production. Plastic pollution is unfavorably effected on land, waterway and oceans and badly harmed wildlife habitats and human health, too. Our mother Earth is not feeling well now. We have no time. Let’s our everyday be Green.




6. Missosology: To you, what is your best quality and why do you think you should become the next Miss Earth?

Eaint Myat Chal: I do believe practices make perfect. So I practice, practice, practice for the challenges of Miss Earth pageant as much as I can. And as I said in my Eco-Beauty Video: “Only an immeasurable passion can make a person to get an eternal success. I believe I have a passion and power strong enough to be an Earth Warrior. This would make me ready for the Miss Earth Crown.”


Eaint Myat Chal - Miss Earth Myanmar 2015
Eaint Myat Chal – Miss Earth Myanmar 2015

7. Missosology: Among the Miss Earth winners since 2001, to whom do you look up at as your role model and why?

Eaint Myat Chal: I highly appreciate to all the Miss Earth Winners. They are the most strongest and powerful women of the Earth with truly advocacy for worthy cause. I watched, learned and take everything I need from all of them. So, all the Miss Earth winners from 2001 to 2014 are my role models.




8. Missosology: Finally, your message to the Missosology fans!

Eaint Myat Chal: Firstly, I would like to say thanks a lot for Missosology and for my fans not only in Myanmar but also from around the world, especially from the Philippines, Indonesia and Venezuela. I am very happy for getting their kind support and great love to me. Second, I’m kindly sharing my love to all of you.  And, I promise all of you will be satisfied and proud for cheering me up. So, please keep an eye on my efforts and abilities in every activities and challenges during the Pageant. Thank you so much Missosolgy for this interview and for truly support to our Miss Earth Pageant.