Twenty year old Dalila Jabri won the Miss Deutschland 2017 title and may represent Germany at the Miss World 2017 pageant. Jenny Nagel (photo, right) took the first runner-up title while the 2nd runner-up was Alicia Blut.

Germany was considered as a powerhouse in the early years of Miss World but ever since its lone winner, Gabriela Brum (1980) was dethroned, the country languished in chronic drought. In 2010, Susanna Kobylinski ended the drought albeit she failed to get past the Top 25.

Dalila Jabri embarked her pageantry adventure last year when she joined the Miss Nordrhein-Westfalens out of fun. Dalila was originally from Hamm and is currently studying in Bonn and has been doing an on and off modelling stint. Her victory created quite a stir considering that she is of Northern African origin and she won over several stunning blonde beauties.