So, can you tell if you won a major international crown? Well, Jamie Herrell can! She was awarded by the Philippine Senate with a commendation for her victory. She was given special honors and recognition when she returned to her home city of Cebu. She was given a grand welcome parade and not to be outdone, the lower chamber of the Philippine Congress also honored Jamie with their own version of bill commending her victory at Miss Earth 2014.






Paulina Vega can also tell us all that she won a major international crown. She was honored by her country’s president, who warmly welcomed her in the presidential palace. She was given a grand parade in her home city of Barranquilla where throngs of people warmly welcomed her. She given the ceremonial key of her home city and a special program was held in the city square in her honor recognizing her seemingly impossible feat of winning her country’s second Miss Universe crown.






Rolene Strauss also knew that she won a major international crown moments after she set afoot in her home country. She inspired a lot of South Africans and she appreciated the welcome of underprivileged children and boy, she was very glad to know that she inspires them. The Johannesburg airport was full of well-wishers – both black and white South Africans. She was met by a government minister as well as by her country’s first ever Miss World winner.






Valerie Hernandez also perfectly knew that she won a major international crown. On her arrival, she was immediately interviewed by her country’s top newspaper El Nuevo Dia. A special program in her honor was held in the city square of her home city of Carolina spearheaded by the mayor. She was the headline of a newspaper and she was warmly welcomed by family, friends and supporters on her arrival. After all, she is Puerto Rico’s second Miss International winner and her countrymen are very proud of her.valeriehernandez


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