Miss International 2015 Isis Stocco

The dynamics at Miss International pageant is getting intense. If only the pageant itself will reform and catch up with the modern times, it would totally be the most highly recommended Big4 Pageant to watch this year. No matter, the caliber of the candidates is enough to turn our attention in perhaps the most antiquated, backward and boring of all four major pageants.

Word from the grapevine says that this year’s them is centered on bushido – the way of the samurai. How it will show up in the finals night still boggles the mind as how on earth the ancient moral code of Japanese warriors can be translated and applied into a modern pageant? Still, you have to give credit to the guy directing the show. He is directing Miss International since 1970s, for pete’s sake!

Here’s whats bringing the temperature at Miss International 2015 one notch higher – Brazil is sending Isis Stocco,22 years of age and stands 5’8.5″, to compete at the pageant. She is a stunning brown haired beauty with a body to die for. This will make the pageant even more interesting considering that Venezuela, USA, New Zealand, the Philippines and even Thailand are sending top quality delegates! Isis is one of the Top 5 finishers at the Miss Brazil 2013 (won by Jakelyne Oliveira).

Brazil has one Miss International crown (Maria da Glória Carvalho in 1958). The country has also a 4 year unbroken steak at the pageant since 2011. Will Isis finally capture Brazil’s second crown? Perhaps, but for the moment she will indeed raise the temperature further of the Miss International pageant.