ANOTHER volleyball player will represent Hong Kong at the Mister International pageant. 28-year-old Sean Lee is all set to compete at the male pageant’s 12th edition to be held on April 30 in Yangon, Myanmar.
With 15 years of experience as an athlete, Sean has surely learned the value of discipline and teamwork. Get to know more about him in this exclusive Body Talks with Missosology.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
Many people say I look very cool; however, I am actually a happy person and I always like to joke around.
What is your workout routine?
I work out at least 4 to 5 times a week and 2 hours for each session. I train different parts of my body every time such as chest + triceps, back + biceps, legs + shoulders etc, but abs is a must-trained part in each session.
What kind of diet do you follow?
Basically, I would not go on a diet as I work out a lot (going to the gym + playing volleyball) but I would take extra protein in order to build more muscle, such as having protein milk shake after working out.

What part of your body needs improvement?
I would say my shoulders since they are relatively small in comparison to other parts of my body. I will spend the last 1.5 weeks to focus on enhancing my shoulders.
What is the most difficult thing you did to prepare for the Mister International pageant?
The most difficult thing is improving my “communication skill”. I am a quiet person for most of the time. But I guess Mister International would be a great platform for me to “transform”.
Social media seem to play a major role in pageantry nowadays. Do you think this is advantageous to you? Why or why not?
Social media is an indispensable way of life today and we, as public figures, can make significant impact and influences on our followers. I believe that it is a great platform to show who I really am, that I am a positive person with many talents and aspirations. And I would like to use social media to share this energy to everyone, especially to young people, so that they can spread positivity in the world of social media as well.

Some people think that pageants are only for women. Convince them that they are wrong.
I believe in equality. The most important way to promote that is to clear out any stigmas we have been taught and told in ignorance. Beauty pageants help aspiring men and women to build platforms to fight for their causes, whether it be charity, human rights or environmental causes. I believe that men and women should be able to use this great platform to build their brotherhood and sisterhood that we badly need in our society today.
What qualities do you feel you have that would make you a great Mister International?
I have been an athlete for over 15 years and I get used to extremely tough
training. And all these training made me realize the importance of teamwork and self-discipline. Therefore, in comparing to other contestants, I would be more tough and strong. In addition, I also know how to handle pressure and challenges. All these qualities would definitely make me a great Mister International.
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