ANALYSIS :: Is 2013 the year of falling down?


Falling down onstage during a Big4 pageant be it in the finals or in the prelims or in any event is nothing new of course. We’ve seen how Ruqayyah Boyer stood up after her graceful fall at the gown prelims at Miss Universe 2012. And the list simply goes on: Miriam Quiambao, Rachel Smith, Crystle Stewart and even post pageant slips like that of Miss World 2005  Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir.

What’s the cause of these embarrassing and potentially dangerous falls and slips? Perhaps the extreme pressure a candidate can experience results to wobbly feet. Maybe its the slippery stage or the super-sized platform shoes. Or perhaps some stupid idea of putting a diamond hole right in the center of the stage. Here’s the complete (we think) list of 2013 falls at Big4 Pageant:


1.) Miss Brazil Sancler Frantz – she fell sideways during the opening ceremonies of Miss World 2013 in Bali. She stood up full confidence and radiant smile anyway.


2.) Miss Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes – in a Miss Universe’s Yamamay swimsuit event at a mall in Moscow, Yaritza’s left leg caught in the diamond hole that was stupidly placed right in the center of the stage. The impact of the fall should have hurt the left leg of Yaritza but she stood up and moved on.


3.) Miss Mexico Karin Silva – during a prelim event at Miss Earth, Karin fell onstage. She was shaken a bit but still confidently stood up and posed.


4.) Miss Mongolia Namshiryn Anu and Miss Venezuela Elián Herrera – at Miss International swimsuit presentation, both candidates fell down.


5.) Miss Colombia Lorena Hermida – in the final speech portion of Miss International, while navigating through the stage’s steps, Lorena fell down and she was reported to have cried a bit.