BBC says there is only Big4 and nothing more


The British Broadcasting Corporation or popularly known as BBC has officially acknowledged something that Missosology has already known for a long time – there are only four major pageants in the world. BBC unabashedly declared – “The “Big Four” international pageants are Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth”



The current Big4 Winners

In an article written about the success of the Philippines in international pageantry [READ], BBC has unwittingly supported the concept of Big4 Pageants which is currently under attack from various sectors. Some missosologists pulled out their support from Miss Earth but the current situation shows that it is difficult to deny this pageant a place among the major players. Some would push for the inclusion start-up pageants or pageants with dubious agenda. In the end, the impartial major media entities could see the obvious – only Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International are the only four major pageants in the world.



The Big4 ranking designed by Stephen Diaz is the ultimate ranking in the world of pageantry that has stood the test of time

Even within Missosology, there is a huge debate about the future of the Big4 pageants. Start-up pageants are pretty much aggressive in marketing their organizations using all resources within their disposal to cajole impartial people to side with their agenda. But the Big4 concept proved to be resilient and surprisingly immune to all of the attacks. Missosology will continue to support this concept and based on analysis, it will be a while before a new pageant will emerge as candidate to join the big leagues.


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  1. How can we discount Miss Earth’s relevance when it is the only international pageant that specifically advocates for the preservation and protection of the Mother Earth? The fact that participating nations grow in number year after year is a glaring indication of its inevitable relevance, sustainability and formidability in the pageant world. Its advocacy is the most relevant in as far as Climate Change, the world’s number one challenge, is concerned. What can ‘Confidently Beautiful’ (Miss Universe), ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ (Miss World), ‘Strengthening International Camaraderie’ (Miss International) do when the world is besieged by calamities left and right? Certainly, only Miss Earth’s protection of the planet platform can help us deeply understand the urgency of the matter. And what can Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental and what-have-yous offer more? I rest my case.

  2. I think years ago, i would say that the Big4 pageants are only Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss international and Miss Earth. But today since there are lots of international pageants already that have now been emerging in terms of [number of participants, worldwide media exposures, promotion and support; and pageant concepts and advocacy], well, i think the pageant website such as this MISSOSOLOGY should consider evaluating or assessing the possibility of other international pageants to be included in the list. With this, the pageant websites should formulate appropriate guidelines to be fair to all on how the RANKING should be fairly done…Thanks

  3. I think the concept of the big four pageant was great, they are the early starter and the well known in the industry. The exclusion of Miss Earth in the forum will be the dumbest thing in the world for such person to do. Yes, there are a lot of emerging beauty pageants nowadays but are we sure they can sustain it? The big four pageants have proved that they are deserving of their place as they take the spot. Considerations must be made for the baby pageants and maybe they can be a part of the biggest and grandest pageants in the future; yes, as what mingming says, what can the young pageants do as compared to Miss Earth who advocates the preservation and conservation of the environment, the Planet Earth specifically.

    Miss Earth is now evolving from a low class pageant to a high class one this days, the places that the candidates visits and with the awards they receive, the event center or venue also was suiting for prestige; An open area with the background of a palace like structure, there is a clear interpretation of the elements that mother Earth has, the element of water surrounding the runway and the presence of fire elements through the shining effect of light. The only thing that other people says bad about Miss Earth is that they don’t let other country host beside the Philippines, but if that happens the pageant will be the rank 3 of the big4.

    Years ago big4 pageants dominated the world of beauty and I think it will continue to prevail, they will not let anyone steal the spotlight but instead show the world what glamorous with purpose means. Let me remind everyone that the big 4 pageants does not only advocate beauty but rather the purpose within it. What is beauty if it is alone? What is beauty if you cant show what’s inside? Real beauty is something that brings advocacy to the highest level with care for others. You can be pretty, and you can be someone pretty inside, but real beauty bears both as what the big4 pageants show in the past years, it will continue and will never leave their advocacies behind.

  4. For now only 4 in the big circle. Miss Grand International is close to proving itself for the inclusion but it has to address 3 things, namely, originality, a clear-cut advocacy & genuineness. What MGI need to do first is lose the word ‘International’ from its title since there is only one Miss International. Its title Miss “Grand” International, like Miss Multiverse, sounds overzealously ‘we-can-do-better-than-you’ contriving. It’s as though these two pageants aim to supplant Miss International & Miss Universe respectively. The title ‘Miss Grand’ is enough without the coinage ‘International’ in it. This is just the first step towards originality. To completely be unique, Miss Grand has to stop copying Miss Universe’s format. Production-wise, Miss Grand has already proven itself to be better than Miss International & Miss Earth—all it has to do is revamp the whole format & come up with something entirely on its own. Another issue is the question of Miss Grand’s real motive. Is it really a pageant with a genuine purpose of promoting peace & “ending the war?” Come on now, let’s not joke ourselves! We all know that all international pageants like the Olympics were put up for the purpose of promoting peace & camaraderie among nations. End the war? Is Miss Grand’s titleholder going to arbitrate warring factions, perhaps show up in peace talks? Hmm, this very promising pageant needs to shed off unnecessary pretention. So what if the main purpose of Miss Grand is to promote beautiful Thailand? There is nothing wrong with tourism as an advocacy, you just have to be genuine & clear-cut about it. Pageant genuineness does not have to come with a strong advocacy. Take Miss International as an example—what it lacks in production, promotion & strong advocacy is made up by its undeniable track record of traditional genuineness. This claim alone has kept the Japan-based pageant firmly in the big circle & nothing can replace it.