THE BEST in National Costume:: Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova – the expensive Byzantine inspired costume boasts exquisite fabric from Istanbul and precious stones scatter around the bodice and the head dress. Truly a masterpiece and a culturally relevant creation. It echoes the time of tsarist Russia where opulence and stylishness prevail above all else.

THE WORST in National Costume :: Miss USA Erin Brady – this brazen attempt to fuse pop culture to the Miss Universe National costume contest is beyond stretching the limits. The concept is so out of this world and it is a travesty to the Miss Universe and a complete disrespect to the culture and sensibilities of other nations participating in the pageant. Missosology condemns the national costume of Erin Brady in the strongest way possible.



BEST IN GOWN :: Miss Ukraine Olga Storozhenko – the gown itself is largely mediocre but the concept was absolutely great. It is meant to be a sort of revisiting the classic era of the fashion world. Fashion expert Nick Verreos has this for Ukraine’s gown:

 Olga looked radiant and absolutely a floating goddess in this gown. I LOVED this gown when she wore it for the Preliminaries and I have not changed my opinion now. The silver sequin beaded neckline is stunning and the shirring/pleated torso draping is fab and all that chiffon “drama” is exquisite.

WORST IN GOWN :: Miss Lithuania Simona Burbaitė – This crumpled up black gown reminds us that the designer of the wardrobes of Simona is way too simply radical by Miss Universe standards. Remember what Simona used during the National Auction event?


BEST IN SWIMSUIT :: Miss Venezuela Ma. Gabriela Isler – originally, Puerto Rico aced in this segment but since she was ignored by the judges, the second best came through. Ma. Gabriela has a leggy physique, completely statuesque and has the right curves at the right places. She is tall and if seen personally you will be awed by her towering figure.

WORST IN SWIMSUIT :: Miss Germany Anne-Julia Hagen – her stocky built is really not a pretty sight.

Quotable Quote

“Education is the primary source and ticket to a better future” – Miss Philippines Ariella Arida on the question on how to solve the problem of joblessnes