In a first of it’s kind, Missosology partnered with the Glamanand Supermodel India (India’s license holder to Miss International pageant) to officially announce India’s representative to Miss International 2017 in Japan. In an exclusive interview with Indian correspondent Titan, Ankita Kumari, a 21-year-old model and communications graduate talks about her preparation, her favorite Miss International and her journey to the crown.
You are India’s representative to Miss International. Congratulations! How is the feeling? Your first reaction?
Thank you! My very first reaction was Wow! My selection happened through rigorous scrutiny from Glamanand Supermodel India (they hold license to send India’s representative to Miss International) and The Tiara & Ritika Ramtri. I was amazed yet confident and said to myself that I will do justice to the faith that my national director has showed on me. There’s can’t be more proud feeling than being called as India.
Please tell us about yourself?
I am ANKITA KUMARI , 21 years old from Incredible INDIA, I am a graduate in Business Adminstration, currently pursuing my Masters degree in Mass Communications. I have always excelled in sports. It has always been my dream to represent my country on an international platform and through this journey I want to motivate women all across the world.
Who is your favorite Miss International? Who is your favorite India’s representative to Miss International?
My favorite Miss International is the current  winner Kylie Verzosa. My favorite Indian representative has been Rochelle Rao.  Both these ladies are stunningly gorgeous, humble and are doing excellently to empower women and with their social contributions.
Miss International 2017 is starting in two weeks. Please tell us about your preparation? How is Nikhil Anand, National Director helping you with the preparation?
The pageant is near and going to be an amazing journey. Each day, I am assigned with preparation materials and I have already been mentored under Ritika Ramtri. My national director, Nikhil Anand, has been an amazing mentor. I hope the efforts of Nikhil Anand and Ritika Ramtri come forward in a wonderful way through me. I am ready to deliver my best and confident of doing well at the competition.
What do you think will be your biggest strength when you will represent India at Miss International 2017?
My genuineness and hard work will be the biggest strengths during Miss International 2017. Every girl participating is already beautiful and unique and I look forward to meeting them all and sharing amazing time with everyone. And I have the huge support of my family, friends, my mentor and my national director.
Huge thanks Titan and team of Missosology for this amazing interview. I also look forward to meeting Stephen Diaz from Missosology during the pageant. A big hello to all the forumers of Missosology and thank you all in supporting me for the pageant.