The standard of beauty is not definite, we define it


Ah yes, in the immortal words of Miss Universe 2011 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup comes a realization that in the United States, reality may soon descend upon the pageantry world. In average, an American girl is a size 12 while the average BMI is 33. So when Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl who is a size 4 and with a BMI of 18, sashayed confidently during the finals of Miss USA 2014 pageant, praises poured in from the American public.


Her body figure which is far from being skinny, was called as normal by many of the viewers of the pageant. Mekayla was amused. “Well, I’m OK with ‘normal’. Whatever defines ‘normal.’ I guess it’s better than being weird.”


The fact that Mekayla was in the Top 20 of the pageant is even a stronger indication that you don’t really have to be that skinny to be in the semis at least. As a nation where average waistlines are growing every year, will the concept of beauty in United States slowly evolve?


  1. I have hard to believe that Mekayla Diehl’s size is (just) 4. Can she really squeeze her body into 33-26-35 ins size?

    And also many successful beauty queens have measurements around size 4: 33-26-35, like girls from MU TOP 5 2014 Ariella Arida 34-26-34, Constanza Baez 35.4-24-35.5, Jackelyne Oliveira 36-25-37 etc etc… Are they called chubby? No. Especially not Ariella Arida and she has really measures which fit to size 4.

    So, don’t try to make size 4 girls believe that they are chubby, it is not true