Why Bb. Pilipinas still commands the respect and following of pageant fans



Looking at the bevy of Filipina beauties parading at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel last Tuesday, one is compelled to think how Bb. Pilipinas will tackle the challenge of the next edition of Miss Universe and Miss International. What we’ve seen are confident, sassy/classy, and proud beauties who are all ready to face whatever tasks that comes along with title and the crown. After a an excellent performance in 2013 followed by a dismal 2014 performance, Bb. Pilipinas is back with vengeance and who will eventually carry its banner at the international pageants this year is still an open game as of the moment.

Bb. Pilipinas remains the longest running and the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines. It is a pageant that still commands the respect and following of the majority of Filipinos. Sure, they are not a perfect organization but its contribution to the country as a whole is simply priceless. It has produced 2 Miss Universe titles and 4 Miss International crown. No wonder that when the Bb. Pilipinas season opens up, the interest on beauty pageants in the Philippines spikes up. And because of its recent victories at Miss International (2005 and 2013) and a series of Top 5 finish at Miss Universe (2010-2013), Bb. Pilipinas as a pageant also generated keen interest from fans abroad.

It would be interesting to see how the strategies will change at Bb. Pilipinas. The non-inclusion of Bianca Guidotti at Miss International and the failure of Mary Jean Lastimosa to sustain the Top 5 run will definitely compel the pageant to review its strategy. The pageant is now seriously considering to tap local designers to dress the Filipina beauties for international pageants. In recent years, Bb. Pilipinas spectacularly made the Philippine sash a serious threat at the Miss Universe pageant. This was partly achieved for example by labelling the signature walks of its beauties which interestingly was not given the same emphasis in the last edition of Miss Universe. As the Miss Universe crown remains a top priority, expect Bb. Pilipinas to focus on spectacular walks and locally designed gowns and costumes.

The vast array of beauties competing at Bb. Pilipinas this year is dizzying. There is no telling who shines the most as more than half of the beauties are of international caliber. What can be definitely ascertained is that the pageant will provide a solid competition and will spark fears to other nations competing at Miss International and Miss Universe. Bb. Pilipinas has contributed so much in establishing the Philippines as a beauty superpower and it is of little wonder that the interest and following to this pageant – an institution in itself – never wanes.


    • 4 miss international titles produced from their organization alone.. When Gemma Cruz won the title in 1964, it is not yet part of Bb. Pilipinas Org. But it’s true that we have 5 Miss International crown.

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  1. “After a dismal 2013 year, Bb. Pilipinas is back with vengeance…”

    To whoever wrote this article, I’m sure you meant 2014. As all of us pageant enthusiasts know only too well by now, Binibining Pilipinas Gold 2013 was the most successful and inspiring year in recent memory for the organization. A little proofreading will go a long way, you know.

  2. I belive it’s just unfair to look at MJ’s achievement like it was nothing. It would be better to say that Philippines has a winning year at MU recently after penetrating the Top Ten 5 consecutive years. First, we should remember that for a decade Philippines was a clapper at MU. So getting a Top Ten finish is something we should be thankful for. One way or another, Filipinos seem to be ungrateful for whatever grace we received and got. Second, MJ gave a excellent performance at MU. I am not a “fanatic” fan of her, but I do think she was better in many aspects than her four predecessors. Circumstances and whatever else prevented her from entering Top 5.

    But whatever it is, I believe we should include MJ whenever we talk about the success of the Philippines in MU. Disregarding her is just wrong. For example, only showing the pictures of Venus, Shamcey, Janine, and Ariella is to some extent disrespectful to MJ and her wonderful and honorable fight as Miss Philippines. Putting her up there with the rest is just appropriate and everyone should start doing that.

    • I agree with you. Remember that these ladies compete in different years, with different groups of contestants. The result does not only depend on how each Filipina works, but also on the performance of more than 80 other delegates.

  3. Indeed we should include MJ, what the major major majority did not see is she was the last Asian delegate standing on the top ten in the geographic area biased against Asians!!!

  4. “Dismal performance…” MJ was the highest place Asian at MU 2014/2015 despite being older and short she place as a top ten finalist despite odds against her.

  5. I believe, Filipinos respect Bb Pilipinas no matter what the time frame is. But we do hope that BBP organizers respect the Filipino people, too (referring to the national costume issue that everyone knows about). Bb Pilipinas is there because of the people and for the people and not because of anything else.

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