An Awkward Idea



Information from Wikipedia – The second edition of Miss Diva was held on October 14, 2014. The winner Miss Diva Universe Noyonita Lodh will represent India at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.Miss Diva Earth Shreeradhe Kanduja will represent the country at Miss Earth 2014 pageant and Miss Diva Supranational Vartika Singh go to Miss Supranational 2014.


Ever wonder why Miss Diva winners are not showing up in the media? That’s because, in the world of Miss Diva, the winner is yet to be announced. All lids are “closed” and no info should have leaked. But this is the 21st century where modern gadgets are abound and where access to social networking sites can be mobile, and no lids are airtight when it comes to critical information.


That is the mistake of the Femina group. They thought all the while that the world of pageantry will never knew what is going on in real time. They thought that the surprise can still be withheld until October 19. While the organizers should be commended that they have chosen Noyonita Lodh as the winner, they need to be criticized for creating a reality show with a delayed broadcast. This is not how a pageant of this magnitude should be conducted.


Indeed, there is naiveté prevalent in the Miss Diva contest. They even threatened Missosology with legal action. But on what basis? Femina should sue the one who opened the lid. What Missosology did was just to mention what was inside the lid. We simply published a story that is already circulating online! Femina should take action to the one who snapped the photo and posted it online. The organization hopes that the results of the pageant will never be known prior October 19 but they never took the necessary action. They should have banned smart phones or any camera in the venue. They should have ensured that the trusted persons are watching the pageant live.


Still, the biggest mistake of the Femina organization is conducting the Miss Diva pageant as a reality show and having to do a delayed broadcast of the announcement of winners. Such important event indeed does not deserve this treatment. That the news went out than it should is the fault of the organizers and indeed a lesson for them not to make such kind of arrangement next year.



  1. ya tats true.but who the correct data is ,miss diva supernational is asha bhat not vartika singh .. and asha is the favourite to win miss supernational too…