Check out the story behind the gowns of Valerie Hernandez, Jamie Herrell, Rolene Strauss and Paulina Vega. Learning what are the fashion trends and concepts behind each of the winning gowns at the Big4 pageants is very crucial as National Directors, designers and the contestants are pondering their 2015 moves. Here, Missosology digs deeper as it sought to analyze the winning gowns of the 2014 Big4 Pageants.


Elegant embellishments



The Miss International pageant is all about formality and elegance and it is simply averse to fashion forward ideas. Has anyone noticed that the top 5 last year including the recent winners were all sporting similar hairdos? Also, how the Philippines and India discovered in a hard way that the pageant is not really into ballroom style gowns and chaotic hairstyles?


That is why when Pedro Angel Chaluisant designed the gown of Valerie Hernandez for the Miss International pageant he wanted her to look elegant. The white silk wool with hand-cut gold details that were hand sewn to the dress did the trick. Valerie looked spectacular in a dress where the top portion is full of small austriac crystals in gold and bronze tones.


In an exclusive interview with Missosology, Pedro revealed that the tall beauty in Valerie mesmerized him. So, he designed the embellishments in a way that would accentuate her figure, bringing focus to her waist while she still looks like an elegant contestant. His style truly wants to bring elegance to the surface and it is very evident by the dresses he made which are available in his Facebook fan page at


No wonder Valerie simply came out from nowhere and shocked the front-runners. Her gown had been crucial in making her victory possible for it tickled the fancy of the Miss International judges. Without doubt, they were given a visual feast as Pedro poured his focus on the tiny details of Valerie’s gown. As for the choice of color, he said, “White has been a successful color for Puerto Rican queens in international pageants so the choice of color was clear since the beginning.”


Floral Burst



Leo Almodal, the designer of Jamie Herrell’s gown, loves to design bridal gowns. Whenever he creates something, chances are it would be bedecked with floral ensembles and appliqués. So, when Jamie Herrell appeared onstage with her red floral accented gown, there are Leo Almodal trademarks all over it. The gown is truly made by a genius and it starts with the shiny skirt up to the figure hugging cut of the wardrobe then concluding to that fresh spray of floral appliqués at the bodice.


Jamie was simply the right girl for the Almodal red gown. She fits right into the mantra of the designer which is classic beauty and divine elegance fused with a provocative touch of femininity. Indeed, the color of choice which is red simply infused classicism with elegance.


The way the gown was designed plus the figure-hugging cut emphasized the femininity of Jamie. What is even more dramatic is how the red florals curved at the bodice highlighting both Jamie’s bosom and hips. The petals that were set on nude sleeves also gave an illusion that there is this kind of floral burst.


Above all though, there’s that generous opening at the backside of the Almodal gown. This is perhaps the most pronounced expression of femininity that Jamie clearly exploited during the Miss Earth finals. In the way she posed and in the manner she hit the catwalk, Jamie somehow managed to show her flawless and sexy back. And without any doubt, she did that with elegance and class.


More of Leo Almodal gowns and designs at his official website



Understated luxury




Rolene Strauss’s gown at Miss World 2014 was designed by the South African designer Casper Bosman. The idea is to dress Rolene without the unnecessary details ensuring that her beauty will not be overwhelmed by her dress. The choice of the color which is blush pink is the starting point. Then, Casper used a 45-meter long silk organza in order to create a masterpiece inspired by a soft pink rose.


Many of the Miss World winners in recent years had been using soft colors usually within the range of pink and peach. Ivian Sarcos used a gown that was inspired by Barbie doll and comes completely in feminine carnation pink. Megan Young used a coral colored gown – a color which lies in the same soft spectrum of peach and pink.


Miss World after all is about soft and gentle beauty which makes sense because its focus is about charities. A gown with soft colors best complements such kind of delicate beauty. It is not therefore surprising that many of the Miss World 2014 frontrunners which include Miss India and Miss Australia opted to use these range of colors for their finals gown.


Back to Rolene’s gown, Casper admitted that when he designed his masterpiece, he was motivated by the title of his native Bloemfontien which is the City of Roses. He focused on the soft texture which explains the silk organza and the also on the soft flow which is reflected on the petal like arrangement on the skirt area. Casper is also responsible for the entire trunk of wardrobes that Rolene used in London. “Understated luxury was the main theme of her [Rolene’s] wardrobe,” admitted Casper in an interview.


Casper Bosman’s designs can be found at his official website


Metallic Shine



At Miss Universe, the finals night gown of Paulina Vega revealed a trend that was just at its infancy. Every pageant watchers knew exactly what is en vogue at the pageant – metallic shiny gowns. The trend started in 2013 when Ma. Gabriela Isler decided use a metallic silver/nude gown designed by Alfredo Fajardo after being burdened by the 20-kilo creation of Gionni Straccia. Thus, when the photos of Miss Universe contestants first appeared from Doral, most of them are wearing shimmering metallic gowns in a wide variety of colors.


Alfredo Barazza, a renowned fashion genius from Colombia must have taken some cues with the trend. He admitted that when he designed Paulina’s gown, he wanted something simple for her. “I made several sketches using very concrete and simple ideas. The gown was made of a metallic mesh material with embedded crystals, ” Barraza said.


The simplicity of the colors was actually a personal choice of Paulina. Barazza revealed that Paulina chose the metallic ice colors because it reflects her personality and winning attitude. Truly, Paulina simply glides with confidence as she sashayed the Barazza gown on that stage in Florida.


Indeed, the simple concept of the gown worked well for Paulina. The cut was brilliantly designed to make sure that her curvy figure is very much visible and that she would look very statuesque in it. It is also a classic fusion of sexiness and elegance. The plunging neckline celebrates Paulina’s femininity but there is that elegant overall effect from the gown, owing to its colors and materials.








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