Pageant veteran Alice Li has been designated to represent China in the next edition of the Miss Supranational competition.

“I am excited to be meeting 80 new pageant sisters and make new friends from every single continent! With an audience of more than 100 MILLION people, @misssupranational has grown quickly to become one of the world’s most prestigious live TV shows,” Li wrote on Instagram.

Born in Beijing, China, 27-year-old Li graduated from the University of Toronto as the class valedictorian. Pursuing a professional career in business, sherecently obtained her CPA, CA and wants to keep blazing the path for women in business.

She previously represented Canada at the 2018 Miss Intercontinental in the Philippines. A year later she competed in Jamaica won the Miss Global International title, representing China.

Growing up with a passion for dance, Li now performs her self-taught talent outside on the streets to raise donations for children’s charities. She found a creative way to dedicate her hobbies to a good cause. Although a few coins of pocket change may not be much, together, we are powerful enough to make an impact. Li hopes to inspire others to chase their wildest dreams.

China has yet to win the Miss Supranational crown. It currently ranks 45th in Missosology Big 5 Ranking. Missosology.Org