A night of beauty at Miss World Philippines 2016 gala

Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Parungao (center) with this year's MWP candidates
Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Parungao (center) with this year's MWP candidates

The candidates strut their stuff on the runway at the Miss World Philippines 2016 gala night held Tuesday, September 28 at The Tent, Enderun, McKinley Hills in Taguig City.

They wore the creations of Bessie Besana, Pablo Mendez, Ryan Uson, Rocky Gathercole and Folded & Hung.

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Candidate #13 Catriona Gray was awarded Best in Talent, Miss Organique, Miss Figlia and Miss Folded and Hung.

Candidate #8 Sandra Lemonon was voted Miss Friendship and also receieved Miss Jessie Mendez award.

The finals is set for Sunday, October 2 at the Tent City, Manila Hotel. The winner will represent the country at the 2016 Miss World finals to be held in December in Washington, DC, USA. Missosology.Org / Photos by Bong Tan


  1. Cartriona Gray must win Miss World Philippines 2016 bcoz she is so naturally beautiful and talented and smart. I love to see her win

    • She doesn’t even look filipina… She is tall, but there are other contestants with a natural beauty, with beautiful faces, that don’t require as much make-up or preparation to stand out. Also, she looks quite plain and boring when compared to the other girls. Besides, it’s ridiculous how biased this competition is.

      • You don’t know exactly the truth…so, don’t say anything that is not true…Plain for for you but, others doesn’t see her like that…She’s a natural beauty (no enhancement), she’s mestiza ( half Filipina & Autralian/German I think)…and, NOT BORING at all…so, just be fair…don’t criticized somebody that you don’t even know them personally… DON’T BE SO STUPID.

  2. … It is clear that Ms. Gray will win the competition.. and I know she will be part of the top 5 in Miss World competition and hoping to win the second crown for the Philippines…