Again, we would like to stress that this is not a prediction.  This is our Hot Picks starting from the period after the last one until now, so please don’t panic if your favorite is not here.  The Final Prediction will be posted a few hours before the pageant starts on December 17th, so please enjoy this list and learn a little bit about our favorites at this point of the game.  Maybe there is something about these delegates that will make you realize that she can be a major contender as well.  We can learn from last year’s experience when we had Viivi Suominen of Finland as the 1st Place in our second to the last list before the final prediction.   No one really noticed her, and some fans even laughed at that list.  But look at what happened to Viivi during the finals night.  She became 1st Runner-up!

Now, let’s see what our experts and Missosologists have gathered with our first ever hot picks after the girls have arrived in Tokyo:

1.  SWEDEN –  She is the talk of the Forum!  Missosology is crazy for Eleonore!  And not only the virtual world is in love with her… even the Japanese locals are mesmerized by her angelic beauty.  Sweden has not won the Miss International crown yet, so, can Eleonore sustain this momentum and become the first one?

2. NETHERLANDS – Sporting a different look since last year’s Miss Universe, Nathalie is still considered a serioous contender for the crown.  Although she dropped one spot from the position she had held previously, the mere fact that she is still being followed closely by Missosology fans only means that her popularity is still intact.   Who can ignore this intelligent woman, who has loads of pageant experience on her pocket?  She is definitely prepared for this, and she knows exactly what she is doing!

3.  THAILAND – Surprise!  Surprise!  The Thai “princess” is here!  Chonthicha is actually the roommate of Eleonore, and they are always visible together.  So, it can’t be helped that Missosology followers have started to notice what this silent beauty is capable of!  In person, she is a top beauty with flawless skin!  She needs to smile more often, though, but even if she doesn’t, her fresh and youthful glow are enough for people to notice her.

4.  VENEZUELA – Elian’s arrival in Tokyo was very much anticipated.  Her two batchmates and fellow queens from the Miss Venezuela 2012 roster have won their respective Big 4 pageants.  So, that means an additional pressure for her, but, she seems unaffected by it.  Being the tallest delegate this year, Elian exudes confidence and a strong stage presence.  She did not disappoint.

5.  INDIA – Gurleen Grewal is probably the strongest Miss India at Miss International this past decade!  Aside from the fact that she has this unconventional beauty, she is actually bubbly, witty and funny in person.  She is also very glamorous even in her candid shots, so everyone should watch out for her!

6.  TUNISIA – Sondes is a very down-to-earth and soft-spoken delegate from North Africa, with the classsic Mediterranean look that is very much favored in this side of the world.  Her demure look sets her apart, and we doubt that she even noticed that.  Her quiet presence is actually giving a reverse effect because she becomes mysteriously attractive.

7.  AUSTRALIA – If there’s one word that best describes Johanna, that is, she is “Miss Smile”.  Oh, that’s two words actually!  But seriously, though, her smile is very infectous and it can really brighten your day!  She definitely brought with her the famous Australian vivaciousness.   Aussie Aussie Aussie!  Oi oi oi!!!

8.   FINLAND  – Speaking of the most glamorous girl the moment the new pictures come out, this girl probably first comes into your mind!  She is always well-dressed, and they are undoudtebly well-selected and with high sense of fashion.  Way to go Helianna!

9.  PHILIPPINES – Bea Rose may have dropped several ranks after her arrival, but it does not mean that she is losing that momentum.  As of now, she is keeping a low profile and that is probably a good strategy in order not to lose the important elements when she need them most.  She is one determined Filipina who is willing to give her all for her country!

10. NEPAL – In person Shritima has one of teh most beautiful faces in teh competition!  No questions asked!  And she can speak intelligently.  Watch out for her!

11.  HUNGARY – Brigitta is back on our list!  In person, she is extremely pretty.  She may be a little bit short compared to the other girls, but everything about her is well-proportioned.

12.  ECUADOR – Nathaly is one of the best girls from Latin America, who can easily capture your attention because of her exotic look and commanding height.

13.  POLAND – Although Katarzyna’s rank does not seem to improve during the past hot picks, let us not discount the fact that this competitive young woman is actually her to win the pageant!  Trained by no less than Anna Tarnowska (Miss International 2008 2nd Runner-up), she is well-coached and well-prepared.

14.  KOREA – Jieun is very cute, but, when glammed up, she can be transformed into an Asian supermodel!  She is tall, with a curvaceous body.  But it’s not just all about her physique.  She has a pleasing personality that is an advantage at Miss International.

15.  LEBANON – Layla has this wonderful Arab and Mediterranean mix, which is rare in this side of the planet, and is well-received.  Her fun personality, in contrast with her jaw-dropping beauty, is sexy.

16.  JAPAN – Yukiko has been a gracious host for the girls.  Her sweet beauty is her biggest asset.

17.  ICELAND – We don’t want to say that we were disappointed with Sigrun.  The fact is, she is still a favorite by some, but at this point, she is losing her momentum.  Maybe we’ll see her zoom back as the day progresses.

18.  ESTONIA – People were surprised that Madli is actually quite tall!  She draws attention in every location she is.  

19.  INDONESIA – The very friendly and amiable Marisa is Indonesia’s last hope this year for a crown.  Although her counterparts at Miss World and Miss Universe have put Indonesia in the pageant map, she said that she is not really that pressured.  Watch out for her because she is very, very intelligent!

20.  SURINAME – Janet is a fast learner.  Since her crowning, she has improved tremendously!  While here in Japan, she just keeps on improving, and looking even better and better!

Credits to kristof for the Graphics