As of the moment, some of the 69th Miss Universe candidates are already in the host country USA – either completing their quarantine or doing last-minute preparations or attending sponsor events – for this year’s most exciting Big5 major international beauty pageant.

The astounding number of front-runners is truly breathtaking and that makes our core group of correspondents and experts pretty much on the edge. While it is true that it is still early to make any definite predictions, but many candidates have already displayed their superior prowess even before the competition commences in Florida.

Among the plethora of beauties, Bolivia’s Lenka Nemer has caught our eye, climbing at the top of our Third Hot Picks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how formidable a candidate Lenka is. There is that air of sophistication and brilliance whenever she speaks and moves. She is intelligent, hardworking, has a good command of the Engligh language, and is above all a breath of fresh air. Bolivia is definitely a county to watch out for this coming May. Her beauty has the universal appeal and we hope that her chances rests upon her inherent strength and not on the sash weight.

Not far behind is one of the heavy pre-arrival favorites, Janick Maceta of Peru. Another lady to watch out for, Janick has improved a lot since her Miss Supranational 2019 stint. Her recent Beauty Talks with Missosology has also proven that she can compete head-to-head with the best speakers in the batch come the all-important Q&A. She’s intelligent, full of class, well-experienced and her beauty won the hearts of many. To put it bluntly, she could be the next Miss Universe!

In third place is the lovely Rabiya Mateo of the Philippines. Forget the negativities that surrounded this stunner in the past month, Rabiya’s interviews are proof that she is genuine and has a great rapport with anyone she talks to. She has proven that she is quick-witted, communicates well, and has a solid stand on social issues – one that the Miss Universe competition is looking for in a winner over the past couple of years.

Natasha Joubert of South Africa occupies the fourth spot. This lady exudes charisma that is just too hard to ignore! Aside from that she has the gift of gab, which she has proven during her Missosology Beauty Talks guesting. She is a strong candidate, aside from the fact that South Africa has the momentum and there is a solid machinery that backs her up starting. A

Rounding up the Top 5 for now is Andrea Meza of Mexico. She has been recently showcasing her improvement in communication skills, talking actively about her advocacy against street harassment. She’s intelligent, full of class and her beauty won the hearts of many. Mexico’s quest for their third crown is a relentless annual pursuit. Keep an eye on Andrea. She could truly be Mexico’s third Miss Universe titleholder!

Check out the full list below:

1 Bolivia, Lenka Nemer
2 Peru, Janick Maceta
3 Philippines, Rabiya Mateo
4 South Africa, Natasha Joubert
5 Mexico, Andrea Meza

6 Thailand, Amanda Obdam
7 Romania, Bianca Lorena Tirsin
8 Argentina, Alina Luz Akselrad
9 Finland, Viivi Altonen
10 Australia, Maria Thattil

11 Cameroon, Angele Kossinda
12 Venezuela, Mariángel Villasmil
13 Czech Republic, Klára Vavrušková
14 Belize, Iris Salguero
15 Nepal, Anshika Sharma

16 France, Amandine Petit
17 Brazil, Júlia Gama
18 Cambodia, Sarita Reth
19 Great Britain, Jeanette Akua
20 El Salvador, Vanessa Velásquez
21 Indonesia, Ayu Maulida Putri

22 Canada, Nova Stevens
23 USA, Asya Branch
24 Laos, Christina Lasasimma
25 Puerto Rico, Estefania Soto Torres
26 Jamaica, Miqueal-Symone Williams