63rd Miss Universe Pageant – 6th Official Hot Picks



63rd Miss Universe Pageant

6th Official Hot Picks


1. India
2. Colombia
3. Spain
4. Venezuela
5. Jamaica

India tops our 6th Official Hotpicks, which is also our first hot picks after all the delegates have finally arrived in Doral, Florida. When Noyonita Lodh was crowned as Miss Diva Universe 2014, many have anticipated that she will be a force to reckon with in the Miss Universe pageant.  Armed with a team that has been very supportive and determined to bring the 3rd Miss Universe crown for India, Noyonita has been doing well since her arrival in Doral.  She is said to be one of those who is easy to get along with, and is very friendly to the staff and fellow delegates.  Add to that is the fact that she is very photogenic even in candid shots and selfies.  Colombia‘s Paulina Vega is in 2nd place, and we cannot deny how extremely exposed she has been these past few days.  Her jaw dropping glam photos at the Miss Universe website were the first to sprout like mushrooms, which gave us some speculations that she is the “favored one”.  But, we really can’t make such a conclusion this early in the game.  Indeed, Paulina is prepared and polished.  It’s been more than a year since she was crowned as Miss Colombia and the long wait has been over.    She is in Doral to leave a mark!  In 3rd Place is Miss Spain, Desire Cordero, who showed up with vivacity and sophistication that is normally expected for a Spanish delegate.  Watch out for her in the coming weeks.  Next in line is Venezuela, who is being represented by the youthful and bubbly Migbelis Castellanos.  We wonder how she is handling the pressure of winning another back-to-back for Venezuela, but it seems that she is least affected by it.  Her two co-winners at the Miss Venezuela 2013 pageant failed to make a mark in their respective pageant.  In fact, the Miss Tierra Venezuela 2013 winner, Stephanie Ysabel de Zorzi decided not to compete in Manila for the Miss Earth crown.  With that being said, this leaves Migbelis with less pressure to perform as good as her batchmates and it shows.  Completing our Top 5 is the very beautiful short-haired Kanci Fennell of Jamaica!  Speaking of someone who is truly confident in her own skin – and hair – that’s Kanci!  While lots of girls are very dependent on hairstyle in order to look glamorous, that does not seem to be a major issue for Kanci who never fails to amaze us with her stunning presence and impeccable projections.

6. USA
7. Curacao
8. Philippines
9. Guyana
10. Brazil

Going on to our 6th placer, the host delegate Nia Sanchez of the USA, is still on the run!  The presence of a strong Latino community in USA may give Nia a more “at home” feel, and being the first Hispanic girl to represent USA since Susie Castillo in 2003, we can expect a massive support for her in the coming days.  Curacao is still standing strong at 7th place.  Laurien Angelista is extremely photogenic and is definitely a head turner.  Following her at 8th Place  is Mary Jean Lastimosa, who is representing the Philippines.  Her country is dubbed by the MUO themselves as the biggest supporter of Miss Universe, and it is remarkable to see the undying support of Filipinos towards MJ, who arrived with a bang in Doral!  Her styling and wardrobe seem to be different from predecessors, and the curves are to die for!   A small South American country, Guyana, is in 9th place.  Niketa Barker was in the Top 5 in the previous hot picks.  Although she dropped a few places down, it does not mean that she is in danger of losing her steam.  She is considered by many as the best looking ebony beauty this year, so she must capitalize on that all the time, and never to lose her confidence.  And in 10th Place is Melissa Gurgel of Brazil.  It’s interesting to note that Brazil has placed in the Top 5 for three straight years, and they played host in 2011.  Melissa is probably the most fresh looking Miss Brazil that we have seen in recent years, so if her predecessors could place high in the pageant, why can’t she?

11. Ukraine
12. Costa Rica
13. Russia
14. Dominican Republic
15. Serbia

Ukraine came as one of the most anticipated delegates this year, and although a few were disappointed with her arrival photos, we believe that she will eventually adapt with the warm Doral weather and will stay strong leading to the crown. Costa Rica is also expected to do well, and her photos seem to be impressive enough, although we are expecting more from her.  Russia, with her jet black straight hair looks like royalty, although she sometimes would come a bit too strong in still photos.  Dominican Republic has an Italian ancestry, and with a weak delegate from Italy this year, maybe it is for Kimberly Castillo to make up for that, considering that Italian swimsuit maker Yamamay is back as a sponsor!  In to wrap up our Top 15, is Serbia.  We must note that Andjelka has improved a lot since her Miss Earth stint a couple of years ago, so we hope to see her do well at Miss Universe.


16. Australia
17. Ecuador
18. Austria
19. Lebanon
20. Albania



    • Ugly??? Do any of the contestants you mentioned bleed perfume or holy water when you rip their flesh..No right???? Every person on that stage is beautiful…atleast beautiful than a brat like you. Do you comment if your friend or relative who looks not prettier than others as ugly? No right… If you have other choices better put they look better than the contestant highlighted here not just saying UGLY…Being a woman you are a shame to the society.

  1. I can’t believe you left delegates such as Lituania, France, Puerto Rico, México and Netherlands!!!!!! Phillipines is a No no this year! Dominican Republic does look operated! Cueacao??? India on the top????? That top is a mess

    • Missosology is like Miss Earth, a disaster! Phillipines being placed higher than Russia or Pto Rico is a joke! the Filipa is extremely ugly, i mean. GOSSHHHH!!! but as i said, this is like ME, for them, Fillipas will always be on the list.

      • Puerto Rico? Wtf … She’s not a strong candidate… Russia is sophisticated… Philippines is beautiful… I bet you’re a Filipino who don’t like your candidate … Some of you are like that … You don’t appreciate the beauty of your candidates… You guys even bash them & when they place, wow you guys adore them … Pity for some of you !!!

        • OMG! Phillipines is NOT beautifuuuuull! Get over it! i can name 20 of them who are better than her! pleasee! thats why you fillipos dont win the MU, you just send little monsters to compete.

        • Disagree. Puerto Rico has proven to be a pretty strong candidate. Specially after seen her evening gown pics! WOW! Absolutely a stunning dress! So far I must said that Spain, Venezuela along with several ones including Puerto Rico & the Philippines are pretty strong contenders. A really nice group of girls overall

    • Indeed. Puerto Rico looks great & a lovely sweet girl. So far the ones to watch are Venezuela, Spain, Philippines & watch out for Miss Puerto Rico. All of them great girls! Watch Miss France & Jamaica as well. Miss USA is also a pretty woman. India is not bad but not sure.

    • Do not worry, this Beauty place last year stated that Miss Israel was going to be Miss Universe 2013 and not even mentioned Miss Venezuela in the semifinalists and Miss Venezuela shut this place down and put their credibility in collateral damage.

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  3. And Joselyn from México? This supose to reveal the girls who are improving themselves as frontrunners and the girls that everybody are talking about, so, i ask again, without any nationalism and trying to be objective: Where is Miss México? Are u pinoy missosology guys scared or jealous?

    • Beauty is subjective. Just because you think Miss Mexico deserves to be on the hot pick doesn’t mean the administrators think the same way as you.

  4. India is pretty but according to my standards has certain points aganist her. Her nose is not fine enough. She is a little short and her legs are to thin in the lower part. She could be in the top 5, but to me, the most stilish and beautiful, who has a Miss Universe aura and attituce is Miss Colombia. I also like : France, Spain, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Netherlands, Greece, Angola, Philippines, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia. Venezuela has a pretty face but she lacks something (too much make up)….

  5. My Top 16 in Random Order:







    costa rica










    Also in Contention:




    trinidad & tobago


  6. I would put Brazil, Serbia, Costa Rica and Ukraine a big higher. Miss Argentina could be a good surprise in the Top 16 too. AND WHERE’S SLOVAK REPUBLIC? She’s one of the best European contestants this year, she’s so gorgeous! I hope Guyana places too, she’s the best looking ebony beauty.

  7. Really? Some contestants should not be on this list, period. Miss Puerto Rico & France SHOULD. I hope there are for a big surprise. Remember who won Miss International 2014? Puerto Rico, right? Missosology NEVER had Miss PR on their list…

    • sorry Puerto Rico is very weak contestant this year nothing like last year contestant who was a goddess. France def needs to b in the list though along with Argentina.

      • Puerto Rico is a pretty steady & strong woman. She’s indeed pretty & has a killer body. You never know what’s going to happen at the end. So far Spain, Venezuela, Philippines among other ones, including Puerto Rico, are pretty strong.