The candidates of the Miss USA 2020 pageant finally debuted on stage during the preliminary competitions held November 6 at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

This event gave pageant observers a full view of the candidates’ catwalk skills, stage presence and overall impact. Here is where you got to classify the front-runners from the rest of the batch.

Of the 51 ladies, here are the 16 candidates that stood out according to Missosology’s pool of correspondents:

20 Maryland, Taelyr Robinson

19 Utah, Rachel Slawson

18 Indiana, Alexis Lete

17 Hawaii, Samantha Neyland

16 Connecticut, Chelsea Demby

15 Ohio, Sthephanie Miranda

14 Georgia, Alyssa Beasley

12 Florida, Monique Evans

11 California, Allyshia Gupta

10 Tennessee, Justice Enlow

9 New Jersey, Gina Mellish

8 Texas, Taylor Kessler

7 Montana, Merissa Underwood

6 Oklahoma, Mariah Jane Davis

5 Mississippi, Asya Branch

4 New Hampshire, Alyssa Fernandes

3 Massahusetts, Sabrina Victor

2 Idaho, Kim Layne

1 New York, Andreia Gibau

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