The time has come to finally crown a new Mister International.
For this edition, 36 of the world’s most Distinctively Handsome men converged in the Golden Land of Myanmar to battle it out to become Paul Iskandar’s successor.
The competition began the moment they set foot in Yangon. The personality interview, swimwear and formal wear competitions were of great help in determining who has the chance to become the new winner. But above all, Mister International Organization president Mr Alan SIm emphasized the importance of the contestants’ attitude and behavior all throughout the competition.
Taking all those into consideration, here are our FINAL PICKS for the 12th Mister International:
1 KOREA – Seung Hwan Lee
2 SOUTH AFRICA – Dwayne Geldenhuis
3 COLOMBIA – Manuel Molano
4 SWITZERLAND – Alessio Stefano Costantini
5 PUERTO RICO – Joseph Manuel Reyes Disdier
6 PHILIPPINES – Raven Renz Lansangan
7 NICARAGUA – Elvis Murillo
8 VENEZUELA – Ignacio Eduardo Milles
9 POLAND – Arkady Zadrony
10 MEXICO – Armando Osuna
11 SPAIN – Rubén Castilleros
12 INDONESIA – Alvalino Riclef Kasenda
13 HONG KONG – Sean Lee
14 JAPAN – Taizan Matsuura
15 LEBANON – Michael Khouri
16 VIETNAM – Trần Minh Trung
17 PANAMA – Husam Christopher Ahmad
18 PERU – Juan Manuel Herbert
19 NETHERLANDS – Jeremy Lensink
20 BRAZIL – Leonardo Nobre