After 625 days, the reigning Miss Supranational Anntonia Porsild will be finally crowning her successor tonight. This year’s edition of Miss Supranational – despite only having 58 delegates due to the pandemic – is one of the most competitive batches to date. A lot of these young, accomplished women are capable of becoming the next Supra queen.

Given all the attributes needed to become the next Miss Supranational, we consider not just the looks and physical aspects of each of the delegates. Their social skills were also evaluated, as well as their ability to adapt to different kinds of situations without complaining and murmuring. To become the next Miss Supranational, the final show is not enough to determine who should become the next queen.

After careful deliberation by our core group of experts and serious consideration of the inputs from our correspondent in Poland, Missosology has come up with a conclusion that Miss Supranational should not pass the chance to crown an African this year. The stunning Chanique Rabe from Namibia is our top pick! It is high time for Miss Supranational to show to the world that they are inclusive and welcoming to diverse beauty! Chanique has the classic Miss Supranational aesthetics: a pretty face and a divine aura. But aside from that, she is an engaging speaker and perfectly fits the bill as Miss Supranational’s “Inspirational, Aspirational” ambassadress. All eyes are on Miss Supranational right now and crowning a major stunner like Chanique will help them cement their status as a pageant that truly crowns the best looking delegate. After Namibia’s first runner-up finish in 2019, it would be perfect timing for Namibia to finally bag the crown, and become Africa’s first Miss Supranational. She is indeed a rare find, and we believe that the Miss Supranational brand will surely benefit from her reign.

However, if Chanique fails to deliver tonight, we won’t mind to see Valentina Sanchez Trivella of Venezuela finally bringing home the crown to the powerhouse nation! Valentina is also a great spokesperson and very stunning up close. She has been very consistent throughout the pageant, and would always show up perfectly glammed up. With a voguish aura, consistent excellent performance, absolute confidence, and perfect styling, she can definitely snatch the crown.

On the third spot is the Philippines’ Dindi Pajares. Although she only had a few days to prepare, the Philippines must be very proud of Dindi because she has been a great representative in Poland. It can’t be denied that this cabin crew and air force resevist is polished. Dindi has been competing in pageants since 2011 and to carry the Philippines sash in the international arena has always been her dream. With years of experience and preparation, expect Dindi to deliver the goods come finals and give her competitors a run for their money.

Next on our list is the sweet-looking Louise-Marie Losfeld of Belgium. She is a breath of fresh air who magnificently shines in a crowd. Her soft features, bubbly smile and appealing personality are doing magic for her. Her inner beauty radiates and her innocent charm and glamorous aura make her stand out.

Completing our Top 5 is another lady who has set her eyes on becoming Africa’s first Miss Supranational, South Africa’s Thato Thelma Mosehle. Thato remains a force to reckon with in the competition with her simple yet remarkable styling. If Miss Supranational is open with the idea of crowning a black African for the very first time then it will be a huge boost to their reputation. Thato is that African woman!

Check out the complete list below:

1 Namibia, Chanique Rabe
2 Venezuela, Valentina Sanchez Trivella
3 Philippines, Dindi Pajares
4 Belgium, Louise-Marie Losfeld
5 South Africa, Thato Mosehle

6 Puerto Rico, Karla Guilfu
7 Indonesia, Jihane Almira Chedid
8 Dominican Republic, Eoanna Constanza
9 France, Judith Brumant-Lachoua
10 Spain, Dana Tomuta

11 India, Aavriti Choudhary
12 Czech Republic, Angelika Kostyshynova
13 Rwanda, Anitha Umuratwa
14 Peru, Solange Hermoza Rivera
15 Ghana, Veronica Adu Nti
16 Brazil, Deise Benicio
17 Haiti, Pascale Belony

18 Ecuador, Justeen Cruz
19 Poland, Natalia Balicka
20 Netherlands, Swelia Da Silva Antonia
21 Panama, Darelys Santos
22 Japan, Emiri Shimizu
23 China, Alice Li
24 Romania, Michela Ciornea

25 Thailand, Benjarat Akkarawanichsil Aebi
26 El Salvador, Linda Sibrián
27 Slovakia, Kristina Viglaska
28 Greece, Melina Milliou
29 Colombia, Valentina Aldana Dorado
30 Iceland, Disa Dungal

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