The 11th Mister International pageant is finally coming to a close tonight, with 35 of the best men in the world vying for coveted title.

The past days have been very crucial in determing who has the charisma, the attitude and the endurance to become Pedro Mendes’ successor. But aside from performance, behavior and popularity, it is important that the next winner will be Distinctively Handsome with a heart.

Leading our final hot picks is Paul Iskandar of Lebanon. He is a favorite even before winning his national pageant. Paul has been a clear standout since Day 1 of the competition in Thailand. Aside from the height advantage (he is the tallest contestant this year), he has good communication skills, a winsome smile and a marketable look. Lebanon is one of the most successful countries in Mister International so it won’t be a surprise if Paul wind the top plum.

In second place is the gorgeous Vinicio Modolo of Italy. He reigisters so well in both photos and videos. Although at times he appears timid, it can’t be denied that Vinicio has very handsome face.

Japan’s Masaya Yamagishi is in third place. This might come a surprise to many fans but for us who has observed the candidates since Day 1, Masaya deserves this placement. He is always punctual, very organized and obedient. What to love about Masaya is that he is not afraid of asking questions or clarifications which shows his humility and good upbringing. Japan has never won the title and he could definitely be the first from his country to bring the sash home.

Rounding up our Top 6 finalists are Netherlands’ Chris Veltkamp, Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Dat and Spain’s Daniel Torres. Chris is one of the most hardworking in the batch and he has an inspiring story to tell people. Tien Dat has been a crowd favorite and winning the Most Charming Smile was well deserved. Daniel has the best body in the batch. He might not be fluent in English but he tries his best to talk to everyone.


Check out the complete list here:
1. LEBANON – Paul Iskandar
2. ITALY – VInicio Modolo
3. JAPAN – Masaya Yamagishi

4. NETHERLANDS – Chris Veltkamp
5. VIETNAM – Nguyen Tien Dat
6. SPAIN – Daniel Torres

7. POLAND – Jan Dratwicki
8. SRI LANKA – Daniel De Zilva
9. LATVIA – Matiss Pastars

10. INDIA – Mudit Malhotra
11. AUSTRALIA – James Carne
12. HONG KONG – Kyle Lee
13. BRAZIL – Ivo Cavalcanti
14. PHILIPPINES – Miguel Guia
15. MEXICO – Manoly Diaz
16. VENEZUELA – Walfred Crespo

17. PUERTO RICO – Francisco Vergara
18. CZECH REPUBLIC – Josef Kurka
19. KOREA – Gooyoung Jung
20. USA – Anthony Perez