Miss International Thailand 2015 Sasi Sintawee

 มิสอินเตอร์เนชั่นแนลไทยแลนด์ 2015

The success of Thailand with Polly last year has brought the country into a newer – and fresher – level when it comes to the Miss International pageant. The country is taking some valuable tips from its previous playbook. Notice that last year’s candidate, Punika Kulsoontornrut, who finished 2nd runner-up was a former Miss Earth-Water. Now, as if taking from last year’s playbook, the winner of Miss International Thailand 2015 was also an alumni of Miss Earth (where she was one of the semifinalists).

So meet the Miss International Thailand 2015 Sasi Sintawee. She’s a Miss Earth 2014 semifinalist and is well trained by the Philippine beauty camp named Gouldian. She, like Punika, is highly experienced and trained and it is of little wonder why she breezed the national competition with relative ease. Her selection as the winner is a reflection of what Thailand has experienced last year. The agenda is set: get an experienced girl to represent us in an international contest filled with stunning and top notch candidates!

What is even more promising is how the national contest was conducted. For the first time, the Miss International Thailand winner was selected via a formal pageant that generated a lot of interest within the country. Well in fact, the venue is so jam-packed that empty seats seem non-existent. The franchise owner of the Miss International brand in the country is doing all what is necessary to ensure that Thailand will shine. This is a good starting point and it would just be a matter of few years before the country will become the third Asian nation to win the elusive crown.



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