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With a final score of 4.348, our Missosology Timeless Beauty 2019 winner is Evelyn Namatovu of Uganda!

For the first time in the history of Missosology Timeless Beauty, an ebony beauty wins the honorary title. She is also the second from the African continent to be proclaimed Missosology Timeless Beauty.

Missosology Timeless Beauty 2019 winner is Evelyn Namatovu of Uganda
Missosology Timeless Beauty 2019 winner is Evelyn Namatovu of Uganda

Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.500
Overall performance: 4.273
Global impact: 4.273

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Evelyn has topped the Timeless Beauty scoring from Top 25 to Top 10, and now, the Finals. Also, she was a heavy favorite during the Miss International beauty pageant for her unmistable class and finesse. Back then, she was the strongest among the African contingent and Missosology correspondents covering the Big5 pageant since Day 1 believed she was a worthy Miss International winner.

Evelyn was just perfect in every way during the Miss International finals, no wonder she bagged the Best in Swimsuit award. In a pageant that is highly criticized for not favoring African delegates, she beat the odds and made it to the Top 5. She might not have won the crown, finishing as 2nd runner-up, but Evelyn won the hearts of many for her inimitable charm and natural beauty. “Words can never be enough to describe the joy I have in my heart,” Evelyn said after the finals.

Since then, it has been a busy career for Evelyn, even busier than most of the reigning queens, too. She was nominated at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, which is East Africa’s largest fashion event. She has been working with various organizations to promote entrepreneurship empowerment not just in Uganda, but around the African region, too. She was recently named as the entrepreneurial ambassador of the United Nations Association of Uganda.

Evelyn broke barriers and defied the conventional notion of beauty. She works hard, ans walks the talk. That is the essence of being a Timeless Beauty.

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Missosology Timeless Beauty 2019 Final Ranking

First runner-up: Paweensuda Drouin, Universe Thailand
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.182
Overall performance: 3.864
Global impact: 4.682

Second runner-up: Nellys Pimentel, Earth Puerto Rico
Beauty and timeless appeal: 3.864
Overall performance: 4.364
Global impact: 4.227

Third runner-up: Suman Rao, World India
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.136
Overall performance: 4.136
Global impact: 4.136

Fourth runner-up: Anntonia Porsild, Supranational Thailand
Beauty and timeless appeal: 3.909
Overall performance: 4.227
Global impact: 4.182

6th place: Andrea Toscano, International Mexico
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.045
Overall performance: 4.045
Global impact: 4.182

7th place: Janick Maceta, Supranational Peru
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.337
Overall performance: 4.091
Global impact: 3.773

8th place: Alisa Manyonok, Earth Belarus
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.091
Overall performance: 4.045
Global impact: 3.818

9th place: Alina Sanko, World Russia
Beauty and timeless appeal: 4.000
Overall performance: 3.727
Global impact: 3.909

10th place: Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir, Universe Iceland
Beauty and timeless appeal: 3.864
Overall performance: 3.591
Global impact: 3.864

* * *
Missosology would like to thank all of the judges who took part in Timeless Beauty 2019: admins and global correspondents for the quarterfinals; our forum members for the semifinals; and our finals judges – Mariem Velazco (Miss International 2018), Katherine Espin (Miss Earth 2016), Valeria Vazquez (Miss Supranational 2018), Tinh Ngoc Truong (Manhunt International 2017), Cristhian Puesan (national director of Miss Universe and Miss International Haiti), Romyr Liboon (national director of Miss Universe, Miss Earth, and Miss International Cambodia), Steven Haynes (national director of Miss Supranational Japan), Donald West (owner of pageantopolis.com), Rianna Rigor (social media influencer and co-founder of “Titas of Pageantry”), and Andrew Alcalde (social media influencer and blogger of The Pageant Spotlight).

Also, to the thousands of pageant fans who showed their support for the 2019 Big5 queens. See you next year! Missosology.Org