The first runner-up for the Timeless Beauty 2015 is…


Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

Average Score: 4.309

No one could possibly question the dedication and laser-like focus of Pia on her journey towards the crown. Poised, smart and humble, Pia transcended from all the negativity that surrounded her. As she once said, a true queen uses all the stones hurled unto her to build her own castle. That’s what she precisely did. She may be the first runner-up in this virtual contest, but she is a true winner in real life.



  • Medinilla Magnifica

    She is true winner in real life? If that is even true at all why is she the first runner now? Am I glad that’s only your illusion. Missososology you are so full of crap!

  • Dee

    I love pia but i prefer Valerie of Lebanon over her..

    • AnindyaPutriisthereason


  • Glen Rice

    Maybe Missosology made a mistake like Steve Harvey did. Are you playing us all? Pia is the real winner, right?