TIMELESS BEAUTY 2014: Meet the 71 shortlisted finalists!


What is Timeless Beauty all about? Why is Missosology has been doing this for years? Well, the answer is not as simple as we would like to think but to truly understand the concept of a Timeless Beauty we need to review on who won in the previous years.

The first-ever formal Timeless Beauty contest was won by Miss Universe Philippines Venus Raj. The competition was carried out using a combination of internet votes and judges scores. Why Venus eventually won? It’s a combination of so many factors actually. The hopes and aspirations of a nation she carried, her very humble beginnings and her courageous fight for her right to compete at Miss Universe made Venus Raj an iconic beauty.

In 2011, Missosology shaved the powers of public votes and relied heavily on the judges and Miss Universe Ukraine Olesya Stefanko emerged as the ultimate beauty of the year. Olesya changed the complexion of Ukrainian beauty scene after she nearly won the crown which could have been her country’s first. Her angelic face and ethereal stage presence at Miss Universe won the nods of the select jury to hail her as the best beauty among the Big4 contestants for the year 2011.

[Note: The winner of the 2012 Timeless Beauty is Irene Esser. Melinda Bam was a runner-up. We apologize for the error and confusion.]

The dynamics of the annual selection changed in 2013 when Miss World France Marine Lorphelin became the first non-Miss Universe contestant to be named as Timeless Beauty. Her excellent performance in Bali with her outstanding looks made her as the top choice but it was a very close fight.

This year, 71 contestants are vying for the title. A panel of beauty experts will select the Top 15 and then, a distinguished panel of judges will choose the Timeless Beauty 2014. So, who do you think will win?


  1. Top 15

    Dewi Liana Serietha – Malaysia
    Andrea Neu – USA
    Maira Rodriguez – Venezuela
    Edina Kulscar – Hungary
    Noyonita Lodh – India
    Top 10

    Josselyn Garciglia – Mexico
    Nia Sanchez – USA
    Kaci Fennell – Jamaica
    Desiree Cordero – Spain
    Valarie Weigmann – Philippines
    Fourth Runner-up – Melissa Gurgel ( Miss Brasil Universe 2014 )
    Third Runner-up – Punika Kolsontroot ( Miss Thailand International 2014 )
    Second Runner-up – Paulina Vega ( Miss Colombia Universe 2014 )
    First Runner-up – Migbelis Castellanos ( Miss Venezuela Universe 2014 )

    The WINNER is—>>>>>> ROLENE STRAUSS ( Miss South Africa World 2014 )

    • Im totally agree on you….. HEY MISSOSOLOGY.. THIS IS THE PERFECT RESULT…. the result seems fine for us…. good job beauty plus

    • Great Job Beauty Plus!!! How amazing the prediction is….. they all were among the strong candidates… good job… you had a great eyes!!!

    • In your dreams you whore. MIGBELIS CASTELLANOS was just a shame in MU with that fatty and disproportionate Body. She was not the complete Package. Therefore, she does NOT even deserve to be in the top ten. PAULINA VEGA will be the Timeless Beauty this year for sure. She’s got the full package. She has an amazing natural beauty and a breathtaking Body, Any of the delegates from all the other contests didn’t have such an overwhelming body like hers. Rolene only has a beautiful face but her body is very average. PAULINA FTW!!!!!!!!!

  2. Timeless Beauty 2015: Rolene Strauss
    1st RU: Valerie Weigmann
    2nd RU: Kaci Fennell
    3rd RU: Valentina Ferrer

    4th RU: Dária Fabrici

  3. My Top 15 Choices for now:

    Carina Tyrrell
    Diana Harkusha
    Kaci Fennell
    Punika Kulsoontornrut
    Rolene Strauss
    Tatjana Maul
    Valentina Bonariva
    Valerie Weigmann
    Du Yang
    Jamie Herrell
    Julia Gama
    Maria Sastrayu
    Melissa Gurgel
    Noyonita Lodh
    Paulina Vega