Miss World in America


In an effort to make inroads at the world’s largest economy, the Miss World organization had been formalizing its presence at the United States by awarding the franchise last year to the Miss United States pageant. This allows Miss World to have a strong presence with several pageants now being progressively held at state levels. The second princess placement of Miss World United States Elizabeth Safrit at Miss World 2014 finals is a strong indication that Julia Morley is serious about her plans. She and Megan Young attended the crowning of Elizabeth last year.


Miss World 2013 Megan Young with Elizabeth Safrit

The relationship of Miss World and USA is a bit complicated. Miss USA, which is under the umbrella of the Miss Universe organization, had been sending its first runner-up to the Miss World pageant in its early part of its history. While the franchise has been passed from one hand to another, the involvement of Miss USA at the Miss World pageant continued until the 90s.

One report has it that the Miss World Organization had insisted that at the finale of Miss USA contest, a formal announcement should be made that the first runner-up will compete at Miss World. This has been refused. Obviously, the Miss USA contest does not want to promote the rival of its parent pageant. This resulted in a formal break-up of the relationship with the Miss Universe Organization and Miss World Organization.

Miss World never caught the fancy of the American audience. In recent years, the pageant did not receive any primetime placement and the Miss World brand is relatively obscure when compared to other pageants like Miss Universe. Before the awarding of the franchise to the Miss United States pageant last year, the Miss World United States was simply chosen via casting. This puts the presence of Miss World in America at the bottom when compared to Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth where all three have existing formal pageants. Even the crowning of Alexandria Mills in 2010 did not create massive public interest in the United States. Most of the people knew that Halle Berry was an international pageant contestant but few among the American general public is aware that it was Miss World where she participated. That is the degree of obscurity of the Miss World brand in the United States.


Alexandria Mills is the latest American woman to win the Miss World title

By going to the state levels and with the Miss United States as the franchise holder, Miss World Organization has this vision to have a better brand presence in the country. State pageants are using the Miss World label and brand with titles such as Miss Delaware World and Miss Virginia USA has already been won. A national finals is slated to be held in Washington D.C. in July and it created a lot of interest within the American pageantry scene.

It must be emphasized however that central to its Beauty with a Purpose theme, the Miss World Organization also seeks to establish an active community service in the United States. The Miss World United States has been pursuing various charitable activities including hospital visits. Alongside with the vision of a strong brand presence is also the desire to intricately associate the pageant with charity and community involvement.

The question however remains if Miss World will enjoy the same level of prestige and recognition like the Miss Universe pageant. Will its national finals be in any way be broadcasted live across the 50 states? Will it get a primetime and generate sponsorship? Above all, will the Miss World pageant finals night caught the fancy of the Americans? Sadly, the answer to these questions are currently negative. Miss World has a long way to go in America but it seems that it is already moving into the right direction.



  1. Dean … the crown itself is a history! No need to change of different types or styles to promote women empowerment… If u Universe always do that… Miss World always genuine and have a long consistent traditions and that made them on the top.

    • I was not clear about the crown which im referring to. MW crown is so exceptionally regal in all aspects. However MW US CROWN FOR ME IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE

  2. Firstly, I am confused as to whether the article speaks about Miss World’s popularity in general or the US. Sometimes it mentions the US specifically, yet sometimes the writer makes these overly general statements. Assuming that it is the US specifically, I would have to agree that Miss World is not that popular there. Throughout the rest of the world however, Miss world is even more popular than Miss Universe. I need to make this very clear as it could not be more evident. From the gigantic sponsorships to the vast number or contestants and celebrity endorsements, not to mention the fact that their winners and runners-up went on to become huge successes around the world as opposed to Miss Universe winners who are generally less heard about after their reign. Miss World is bigger than Miss Universe. To find a venue to host Miss Universe is problematic (there wasn’t even a Miss Universe in 2014).
    On another note I must say that as a pageant fanatic, I feel compelled to inform Missosology about some unsavory articles which they have a reputation for writing and publishing. Not only do they conflict with each other, but it generally creates a sense of confusion and comes across like a diarrhea of epileptic opinions (some of which have no relevance). The article written on Puerto Rico is an example of this (bear in mind, I’m not Puerto Rican). Try to get it together with your writers or, your readers will lose faith in you!

  3. I pray that the miss world franchise takes hold here in the usa. I am a pageant lover & I think there is a small chance miss world could catch on stateside.
    I was able to dvr miss world on the “E” channel recently, where United states was 3rd overall.
    HOWEVER, miss world was the most boring & very UNclear on how the winner is chosen. The leaderboard situation was confusing & all over the place. Some girls compete in talent while others do not?
    How is this fair?
    The miss world pageant would never last a season on usa television.

    As popular as many posters say miss world is over miss universe in other countries on this forum, I hate to say the same is true stateside, except the opposite. No-one knows of miss world here.
    With Donald Trump in firm control of miss universe, like it or not…. He is just now starting to take control of its direction. Buying the doral country club, in millionaire Miami outskirts, the miss universe pageant will stay in Miami & won’t leave until someone buys the right from trump to host MU outside of the usa.
    If miss world is to grow in the USA, the miss world finals must be made less confusing, make beauty with a purpose as touching as ever, & throw in more sex appeal to win over the easily pageant bored USA audience!
    GOOD LUCK !!!

    • hey 🙂 please correct me if i’m wrong in something. This year, i think they chose top 25 and top 10 before live show. Girls get points in interviews and beauty with a purpose (these two are the most important), talent, sport, top model and beach beauty. After top 10, the judges chose top 5 and winners. About talent, i think all girls compete, maybe they are not obligated but then they will have less points