2014 is a rebound year for Thailand



After years of dismal performance, Thailand made a huge rebound in the 2014 pageantry year. It started with Punika Kulsoontornrut when she clinched the 2nd runner-up title at the Miss International 2014 pageant. With her signature elegance and sheer class, Punika nearly took the plum prize but she was beaten by two Latinas. She however is the highest ranking Asian in the pageant.


Days later, Sasi Sintawee made it to the Top 16 of the Miss Earth pageant. Her performance is good a follow-up to the performance of Punika – both at Miss International 2014 and at Miss Earth where Punika was Miss Earth-Water 2013! The trend is showing that Thailand is making a good impression at Miss Earth and looks like a crown will be coming soon than expected.


Riding on the good performance of Punika and Sasi, the public interest towards the Big4 pageant in the kingdom was revitalized. By December of 2014, the clamor for at least a major international crown became pitch fever high! Thus when Nonthawan Thongleng competed at Miss World pageant, there was already a high level of support in place.


Beauty analysts agree that Nonthawan could have easily be in at least Top 10 of the pageant because of her unconventional looks. She sports a bronze skin tone when most of the Thais associate beauty with fairer skin tone. But fans left no stone unturned and voted en masse thus placing Nonthawan in the Top 11 thanks to the public votes.


The country’s Big4 campaign however ended with a sad note. Pimbongkod Chankaew became an early favorite at Miss Universe 2014 because of her tall figure. But she failed to become one of the Top 15 semifinalists and even if the public would like to support her, there is not much that can be done as the Miss Universe pageant ditched the People’s Choice slot.


All of these achievements placed Thailand as the 4th best performing nation in the world when it comes to beauty pageants for the pageant year 2014. It is well in fact the number 1 in Asia in terms of 2014 performance. Truly, this puts the country in the pageantry map and could be a precursor to an even better 2015 where a Big4 crown will finally materialize after years of waiting.



  1. yawn…whats to celebrate when at the end of the day nothing more than glorified clappers for whoreland thailand…clap clap clap….

  2. not really. in miss world actually thailand is unplaced but because she win the people choice award, auttomaticly she join top 11 instantly. but in another pageant this year is a good year for thailand but for philippines, this year is the worst year. sorry to say. lol

    • pinoy nga naman! nung si arida ang nanalo sa online voting nung miss u 2013, sasabihing kasama daw naman talaga sa top 16, pero pag ibang country sasabihing “unplaced” talaga… at ang yabang pa na sabihing “worst year” ang 2014 para sa pinas! miss earth 2014 winner, miss universe top 10, miss world top 25, masama pa ba yon?! pasalamat ka na lang kasi dati-rati nga ni top 15 di pumapasok sa miss u ang pinas, sunod-sunod lang na runner-up sa miss u, at nanalong miss world, gusto mo taon-taon na lang manalo, nakatikim lang ng isang slice ng cake e gusto nang kainin ang buong cake! hindi every year e philippines ang country of the year.. kaya maraming nabubwisit sa mga pinoy e dahil sa mga aroganteng gaya mo..

      • In Ara’s case, she did made it to the top 16 due to public vote. However, she got as far in to the top 5 because of her performance. Remember that in Miss Universe, there are two separate panel of judges, one during the presentation and another for the finals night. The judges during the presentation may have not chosen Ara in their top 15 but the judges during the final night thought otherwise.

        In Miss Thailand’s case at Miss World, she did got in via public vote as well, but she stopped there. I’m not sure if at Miss World if they have a different panel of judges but is seems that there isn’t. With that, it is quite obvious that whoever wins in the public vote would not move on to the next cut.

        Another case in point is Miss Portugal 2011 at Miss Universe, she was the winner of the public vote but she was able to make it to the Top 10.

        • no need to explain re online voting in miss u or miss world, it’s beside the point, i’m just trying to point out how arrogant some pinoys can be, read catherine’s post and you’ll see where i’m coming from…

          • i agree with maysayako. let us be be happy for our fellow southeast asian neighbor. to my fellow filipinos, please stop sourgraping. let us bask in our achievements but not quick to criticize others, arrogance will only invite hatred towards us filipinos

          • I don’t know how you understood Catherine’s point but for me she’s more of bashing the Philippines, putting down the current candidates still vying for the national pageant. In regards to voting, she’s just stating the fact about thailand’s inclusion in MW which is true by the way.

  3. It was indeed a good year for Thailand. Let’s hope that they will continue to do great at the BIG 4. Same goes for all other Asian countries.

  4. Actually Philippines is Number 1 in asia in the big 4 ranking
    MI- Participation
    MW- Top 25
    MU- Top 10
    ME- Winner

    MU- Participation
    ME- Top 16
    MW- Top 11
    MI- 2nd runner up

    • Philippines indeed is the best asian country performer of 2014 and that’s not even to include the current winning in Mister International. However, this is only an assessment to one country only, Thailand. It’s not about who has done the best in the whole asian region.