Catriona Gray is Miss World Philippines 2016



Crowning moment of Catriona Gray, Miss World Philippines 2016. Outgoing queen Hillarie Parungao passed her national title to Catriona.


Final results: Miss World Philippines 2016 final results- Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray, 1st Princess: Arienne Calingo, 2nd Princess: Ivanna Pacis, 3rd Princess: Marah Muñoz, 4th princess: Sandra Lemonon



The Top 5 in Gown

Marah Muñoz8

Sandra Lemonon12 Ivanna Kamil Pacis9

Arienne Louise Calingo

Arienne Louise Calingo

Catriona Gray10

Miss World Philippines 2016 Top 5:

Sandra Lemonon, Arienne Louise Calingo, Marah Muñoz, Ivanna Kamil Pacis and Catriona Gray


Miss World Philippines 2016 Top 12:

No. 7: Sarah Margarette F. Joson
No. 5 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo
No.13 Catriona Gray
No. 2 Shena Saldivar
No. 24 Yuri Yu Caunca
No. 21 Marah Muñoz
No.12 Arah Alvero Salientes
No. 23 Ralph Lauren Asuncion
No. 8 Sandra Lemonon
No. 18 Ivanna Pacis
No. 4 Alyana Kagandahan
No. 10 Kristine Lopez6


No. 8 Sandra Lemonon during the swimsuit contest5

3 4The hosts of the evening Gwendoline Ruais, Richard Gutierrez and Queenierich Rehman
2Irina Garcia Cortez, Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray and Sarah Margarette F. Joson during the opening number1



  • Oki

    Really beautiful! I hope she wins the Miss World crown for the Philippines again this year! Go Catriona! Go Philippines! (She seems to look like Lana del Rey in many pictures.) 🙂