Maxine Medina :: A back-to-back is very possible at Miss Universe 2016


There is no question that the enthusiasm towards the campaign of Maxine Medina to clinch once again the Miss Universe crown for the Philippines has been dramatically dampened. It is as if the victory of Pia Wurtzbach last year would kill any chances of her Bb. Pilipinas successor at Miss Universe. With Maxine Medina however, a back-to-back win is very possible. Here’s why:

1.) Maxine Medina is an elegant beauty. She may not be the cup of tea of the majority of pageant fans but she definitely exudes an aura of elegance. The way she carries herself can light up the room instantly. She can easily grab attention with her chinita (a Filipino word of Spanish origin that describes a woman with Chinese-like beauty) looks and curvaceous body. The way she walks onstage can be perfected further to complement her confidence and wow the judges of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.


2.) If pageant analysts thought that Miss Universe back-to-back victory is improbable, then the events of Miss Universe 2009 put that notion to rest. Can another back-to-back be possible? Of course it is! In fact, last year’s snafu almost saw the second back-to-back win at Miss Universe but of course, Ariadna was stopped on her stilettos by Pia. Obviously, whether one agrees or not, Pia was the better woman but the fact that Ariadna came so close in winning means that back-to-back is not that improbable as it once was. Come to think about it, Manpreet Brar almost did it too in 1995!


3.) The political winds are extremely favorable to the Philippines. The current decade that started in 2010 is akin to India’s beauty pageant campaign back in the 1990s. It would take a terrible mistake to take out a Miss Philippines out of the Top 10 at Miss Universe. The organization also now knows how passionate the Filipinos are with their pageant as evidenced by the fiesta-like homecoming party for Pia. The trend now shows that it seems the only way a pageant can regain its footing is through crowning a Filipina! Further to this, there is that so-called law of momentum in the pageantry world. It could be largely psychological but the fact that the Philippines has won all the Big5 crowns within a three-year window could instill fear to its adversaries and boost the confidence of anyone who is wearing the sash that says Philippines.


4.) The machinery – beauty pageant machinery if you will – is now in place at Bb. Pilipinas to hone and train a beauty queen that will pose a strong threat to anyone vying for the Miss Universe crown. Languishing for decades at the backwater, the Bb. Pilipinas organization had actually became a laughing stock in the pageant world ever since Nina Ricci Alagao, a super-hyped candidate, failed to even land in the semis of Miss Universe 2000. The overreliance to foreign designers and trainers has been replaced with strong local training camps and by enthusiastic local designers like Andrada, Libiran and Almodal. Now, the Bb. Pilipinas organization commands the respect and admiration not only in the Philippines but by other organizations as well from all over the world.

5.) And finally, this might not be true, but Miss Universe organization owes the Philippines a lot. The scandalous error of Steve Harvey last year stole the moment of the Philippines to properly react and celebrate a victory that was last seen in 1973. For a passionate nation like the Philippines, it was a travesty. Again, this might not be a valid demand, but don’t you think that Miss Universe owes the Philippines another victory and this time around with a proper crowning moment complete with boisterous crowd and thousands of YouTube at the moment videos?

Do you agree with a back-to-back win for the Philippines is very possible? Leave some comments below!



  1. Dee, but it doesn’t mean that if maxine is a “downgrade” of pia according to you, she doesn’t deserve to be like pia or to be the next Miss Universe. Isn’t it? It’s just an honest opinion of the admin.

  2. unlikely back-to-back win for filipin…there are several beautiful and smart women this year..unless the judges are bribed immensely.

  3. I agree. Some people are doubtful about expressing herself.. now tell me how about the Latina’s or even Asians who cant speak English? and yet you are rooting for them.. duh!!

  4. Of course it is very possible! I believe Maxine can put up the good fight in Miss Universe. I believe in her and I admire her a lot. Although the pressure would really be on her now. I still have faith in this girl. Just be herself and forget the pressure and she should enjoy the pageant activities.
    I love her always and always been an admirer of hers. We may never know, we might again see the Miss Universe crown in the head of a Filipina.

  5. Nowadays pageants cant snub the girl wearing Philippines sash,like what you said it a huge mistake that a candidate from Philippines doesnt have a spot in top 10.We dont send a so so candidate anymore just like the 90’s the darkest era of BbPilipinas due to multiple mistakes in choosing the right girl.Maxine is in it to win it.She is the girl to beat.All the proper elements combined for her not to wear that most coveted crown..These might hurt the feeling of other fans but Maxine is very much riped to steal that moment..She will be the next Ms Universe.