OPINION :: Pia should stop whatever it is that is going on


For every pageant watcher in the Philippines, it is an open secret that the Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III has a “thing” with the current Miss Universe Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. The “thing” being that they have a an alleged romantic relationship fueled by the fact that both parties neither deny nor confirm what the public suspects. While the Philippine society has been generally open-minded about dirty old men and cougars, whatever it is that is going on between the beauty queen and the President of the Republic is at best unhealthy. Never mind whatever is your tolerance for things that is yucky, this will not end well for Pia as she soon will embark for Miss Universe contest.


The alleged relationship between the President and Pia (inset) is also being advertised by the President’s sister (left) – Kris – a divisive and powerful media personality in the Philippines

Pia will simply be politicized – a tool for political ends. It is not difficult to see that the current president would concoct issues regarding his love life in order to deflect political pressures. Pia is not the only girl that is rumored to have a relationship with the 55 year old bachelor politician. The President has a bunch of women linked to her, all rumors, designed to lighten up his image to the public so much so it has become a joke. Pia should steer clear from both politics and the circus.

This rumor also takes away Pia’s eye from the ball. Her mission now is to fully prepare herself for the Miss Universe pageant. She is being criticized for her heavy body structure and anything that could distract her from her mission is simply a disadvantage for her. The press has been milking so much from this “love affair” issue with numerous articles already written about this and Pia is being asked about this time and time. This is clearly a distraction.

Finally, wether it is gold-digging or cradle grabbing, the whole scenario paints wrong picture to the public. The Philippines needs a beauty queen with a compelling story for Miss Universe, not someone who flirts with the idea of being linked with an aging politician. It must give the Miss Universe people a beautiful reason why they would take a closer look at Pia before she even arrives at the competition. The current state of affairs clearly wouldn’t encourage that.


  1. How do you know that she’s flirting with the president? Pia is too busy for all that. Plus, they only met once or twice I believe for dinner because she won the Miss Philippines crown. Don’t get professional meeting confused with dating. They were not dating. Miss Philippines is too busy being Miss Philippines and her events and schedules.

  2. This is terrible news… pia is not flirting with the president my god… shes so busy being a miss universe phil… she has a lot of duties to do… Stop this issue it so disgusting your accusing Pia…

  3. BIG statements coming from this writer, huh? “…gold-digging or cradle grabbing…” Your choice of words clearly defines your intention publishing this. They also spell out what kind of writer you are. Bless your heart, “admin”.

  4. “beauty queen with compelling story” The writer clearly has his own fave to represent Ph. Bad thing is: He clearly wants to replace Pia with his fave BQ. The nationals is already finished ages ago, get over it. Ph’s queens this year is already prepping up for their own respective pageants and all your doing is pull down our queen. tch

  5. The president’s bitch sister is dreaming a beauty queen wife for his gay brother dragging Pia and made the public believe that they are truly romantically involved.

  6. so what if they are in love? it´s non of our business…both are singles. pinoy should stop being jealous of other people..

  7. and if you did deeper into Pia’s bio, what is there that could ever contribute to her impression building? tsk tsk. she disgusts me.