Urvashi Rautela and Seal still in touch with each other!


It seems that Miss Universe India 2015 Urvashi Rautela and international singer Seal couldn’t get enough of each other. Bollywood beauty Urvashi Rautela, who represented India at the Miss Universe 2015 met international singer Seal at the finale of the pageant. Seal meanwhile performed during the final look of the Top 3 where he sang the hit songs Crazy, Kiss from a Rose and Everytime I’m With You.

Urvashi Rautela and Hollywood Singer Seal 3

According to the sources of Missosology, both were engrossed in a conversation and even shared some candid moments. The source further revealed that Seal was all praise for the actress and couldn’t take his eyes off her beauty. Urvashi and Seal  reportedly are constantly in touch and Seal has also offered her to be part of her next big budget video and is excited about it.

WATCH :: Urvashi in her music video Sanam Re which will be released worldwide on February 12




  • maysayako

    urvashi = miss u big time clapper! and also bitter for not having won-wait- she did not even make it to top 15! bwahaha

  • Lara Kendana

    You’ve gotta find some action somewhere if you can’t make it to the main event. Aim high always like the 2nd Mrs Klum wannabe?

  • Rigved

    well well welll…now what is the intension of this post? is missosology going dirty? get your act together …. lets not forget which countries’ beauty queens have been of mixed race…..

    • xoxo xoxo

      umm.. India? I know most of their girls sent are light skin but most indian i see are dark-skin.. so India it is.

      • Rigved

        aha is it so….how dark is india BTW? like africa? I guess people living else where come and comment without having the knowledge of it…sad.

        • xoxo xoxo

          Majority of indians are dark. Stop denying it. It doesnt matter how dark but dark is dark.