Wearing their butterfly-inspired swimwear, the 34 candidates of Bb Pilipinas 2021 showed off their winning figures during the swimsuit presentation that aired on the pageant’s official YouTube channel.

Surely, it takes confidence and patience to work the swimwear under the scorching heat of the sun, but the ladies definitely brought their A-game! After careful deliberations by our core group and correspondents, these are the 15 ladies who impressed us the most:

15 Bb17 Hannah Arnold

14 Bb21 Carina Carino

13 Bb14 Justine Felizarta

12 Bb26 Noriza Mae Valerio

11 Bb31 Micca Rosal

10 Bb13 Alexandra Rosales

9 Bb24 Ma. Francesca Taruc

8 Bb15 Karen Laurrie Mendoza

7 Bb6 Shannon Tampon

6 Bb29 Alexandra Faith Garcia

5 Bb25 Honey Cartasano

4 Bb10 Maureen Montagne

3 Bb27 Graciella Lehmann

2 Bb19 Gabrielle Camille Basiano

1 Bb7 Meiji Cruz