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Miss Argentina Teresa Kuster


Quick Stats

Age: 24
Height: 5'8.5"
Vital Stats: N.A.
Hometown: Buenos Aires
More Info: Teresa, although from a country that created the tango, loves to dance bachata - a Latin American dance that originated from the Dominican Republic.
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What We Liked

The only positive thing is that Teresa may look for inspiration to the two Argentine Miss World winners.

What We Disliked

Politically, its not looking good for Teresa and she lacks the necessary qualities to become the next Miss World.

Bottom Line

Political tensions between Argentina and Britain are still on its all time high. Britain is set to explore oil deposits off the coasts of Falkland Islands something that irked the Argentines especially the vocal Cristina Kirchner. How it will affect an Argentine beauty competing in a British pageant is yet to be known.

Posted August 13, 2013 by

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Argentina is an interesting nation at beauty pageants. Generally, the country styles itself as a European nation trapped within the geographical confines of South America. This holds true in pageants too! Like most European nations, Argentina was a superstar in the first four decades of Miss World and even produced two Miss World winners. From then on however, Argentina declined. No Argentine beauty made it to the semis of Miss World since 1988.


But there’s more political about Argentina’s placement at Miss World. From 1982 to 1986, Argentina boycotted Miss World. The culprit – Islas Malvinas a.k.a. Falkland Islands. The Guerra de las Malvinas of 1982 diminished the chances of Argentina at Miss World. Its runner-up finish in 1987, the last semis placement for the country, could be seen as a superficial olive branch.


It is in these political and historical contexts that we are reviewing the chances of Miss World Argentina 2013 Teresa Kuster. The odds are already stacked against her because of the political tensions between her country and the country of origin of Miss World. If we look beyond politics, Teresa is also struggling. First, her body structure is far from the Beach Beauties that Miss World wants. Facial beauty is mediocre. Beauty with a Purpose project – we haven’t heard anything yet.



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    Politics definitely seem to be clouding Teresa’s hope. But on a bare first glance I think she has the looks for the MW stage. Best of Luck.

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