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Beauty Talks: Miss Universe Poland 2012 Marcelina Zawadzka

Marcelina Zawadzka, Poland
Marcelina Zawadzka, Poland

1. Poland has never won the Miss Universe crown. Why do you think that Poland has a difficult time in winning the Miss Universe crown when it is doing well on the other three of the Big4 pageants?

I would like to talk more about how I will do everything to prepare properly to the Miss Universe pageant and fight for a crown. I am full of faith and my attitude is positive to represent my country with diginity during such a prestigous pageant.

2. What are you doing and/or intend to do, to ensure that Poland will not be left out of the semis this year.

I started this job with moment I won Miss Polonia title. My calender for the upcoming months is planned in detail to help me prepare to the Miss Universe pageant. I am convinced that jury of the Miss Universe pageant will perceive well the contribution of mine, my country, and whole team which is working with me.

3. A lot fans are saying Polish delegates are beautiful but they seem to lack that magic during the competition. Is it true? Why or why not?

I don’t want to assess my predecessors, I am going to do everything I can to show power of polish woman and I am going to fight for a crown of Miss Universe

4. What do you do for fun?

I meet with my friends, as well as attending dance lessons.

5. If you are banished in an island and you have to choose three things that you can bring, what would you bring?

Radio – I hope I will be able to catch range, big hat and interesting book

6. Aside from being beautiful and sexy, what else defines you?

Positive, soul of the party and honest

7. Which would you prefer: to be beautiful but not too smart or smart but not too beautiful? Why?

I don’t agree that beautiful woman means lack of intelligence, and woman who is intelligent, less beauty. I hope that I am evidence of it [smiles].

8. What are the qualities of a man that you are looking for?

Intelligent, able to listen to the other person, caring, with sense of humor and in love with me.

9. How would you describe Poland to the rest of Miss Universe delegates?

Poland is a wonderful country with rich and interesting history. Diversity of landscapes makes Poland attractive place to visit by tourists. And of course – we beautiful Polish women [smiles].

10. Pageants aside, do you think it is still wise to have euros instead of zloties?

At the moment, Poland is not ready to be a part of Eurozone.

Special thanks to Malgorzata Herde and Miss Polonia Office. Missosology wishes Marcelina the best of luck at Miss Universe 2012


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