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Beauty Talks: Miss Universe Mexico 2012 Karina Gonzalez

Karina Gonzalez, Mexico
Karina Gonzalez, Mexico

Karina González, 20 and stands 5’9.5″, is bound for a big challenge. She will try to redeem Mexico’s status as a beauty superpower. After winning the 2010 edition of the pageant, Mexico failed to be in the semis last year. It is now up for Karina to bring back the glory of Mexico.

Karina’s leggy body structure is what could attract attention at the pageant. Her face has an air of aristocracy and she knows how to project herself onstage. With Nuestra Belleza de Mexico working hard to ensure victory, it is safe to say even this early that Mexico is truly back on the game.

1. What are your characteristics that you think will make you the next Miss Universe?

It will be the courage, the enthusiasm, and the perseverance that I have.

2.) What’s inside your bag right now?

Inside my bag are my keys, a book, and  money.

3.) What is your fashion sense?

I like to wear casual clothes with a fashion spark that could be an accessory, maybe the shoes, something that makes a difference.

4.) There is a highly praised Mexican beauty pageant related movie entitled Miss Bala. Have you watched it? What do you think about it?

I think that is just a movie and in some movies many parts that are not true. We have to separate what its true and what is false.

5.) Mexico won the crown in 2010 but was out of the semis in 2011. What will you do to ensure that Mexico will be back at Miss Universe semis?

I’m going to take all the preparations that Nuestra Belleza gives me and I would put all the courage and enthusiasm that I can give to the pageant. God is going to make the ultimate decision whether I will win or not.

6.) In your own opinion, is Mexico a beauty superpower? Why or why not?

I think that any country has a capacity to be a beauty superpower, but we have to develop our strengths and to be prepared in the competition.

7.) What do you do for fun?

I go to the movies and also I love to go out with my family, friends and boyfriend.

8.) Which city or town in Mexico that you would like to spend a whole month of vacation?

It would be Cancun because it is has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. It is a cultural place too and there are a lot of things to do.

9.) What makes you proud to be a Mexican?

All the culture, history, different kind of places that you can encounter and shelter one’s family with environmental wonders that we still have in Mexico.

10.) You are Top 5 on the second Hot Picks of Missosology for Miss Universe 2012. What is your reaction to this?

Its great!  I’m very grateful with all the persons who support me.

11.) Lastly a message to all your fans at Missosology

Thank you for supporting me and I want you to know that I am going to do anything to win this pageant.


Special thanks to Ofelia Correa of Nuestra Belleza de Mexico for providing the photos and for facilitating the interview. Best of luck to Karina at Miss Universe 2012 from Missosology.


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