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Beauty Talks: Miss Universe Mauritius 2012, Ameeksha Dilchand

Ameeksha Dilchand, Mauritius
Ameeksha Dilchand, Mauritius

She is probably the most bashed Miss Universe 2012 delegate but Miss Mauritius Ameeksha Dilchand is undeterred. She is taking the criticisms into account to become a better contestant at the prestigious pageant. She is striving to improve and hope that while her country is historically weak, she can turn things around with her transformation.

Here, Ameeksha talks a gamut of things in an exclusive interview with Missosology.

1. What do you think is the major reason why there has never been a Mauritian semifinalist at Miss Universe?

It’s true , we have never competed strongly in Miss Universe or let’s be honest in any other beauty pageants. Shall I call it – The weak sash factor or just inappropriate training for the contest? Let’s get real, we’re a small nation, a developing country and much priority is given to the basic needs- food, water, shelter. No one wants to invest in pageants :( (as in help the titleholders). Let’s hope things changes really quickly because my island is full of gorgeous ladies all ready to fight.

2. What are you currently doing to ensure that you will not follow the same fate?

What makes you think I will follow the same fate? [giggles] Well I believe in “Don”t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”- Let us see if they grow up in time.

3. Who among the previous Miss Mauritius do you admire most and why?

I’ve not met many of them – that’s a fact! I met only Laetitia Darche (2010), Dalysha Doorga(2009) and Magalie Antoo (2004). They’re all friendly and helpful, so I wouldn’t name anyone so as not to be biased. But what I admire the most in a person is the humility and honesty and if you’re from Mauritius, you will know who she is.

4. What are the three words that best describe you?

Real, Hardworking, Compassionate.

5. Describe your usual Sunday.

I play football early morning and off to the beach. Then I blame Sundays because on Mondays!

6. What’s inside your bag right now?

Wait a minute, let me go get it….. So I have my purse, a notebook, a Kenzo Eau de toilette, chewing gum and gloss. That’s it. Gifts anyone??

7. Could you share your thoughts about the tragic life of Miss Mauritius 1994 Viveka Babajee?

I always refuse to speak about Viveka because she is the example how life can unfair. She had everything to succeed, everything to surpass others, but God chose it differently.
8. Is it boring to live in such a small island-nation?

Boring? Not really. There is always something interesting to do. I’m lucky that I get to live in two places at the same time- London & Mauritius. But I’d choose Mauritius because Ile Maurice is a little island with a big heart.

9. How would you describe Mauritius to your fellow candidates?

Why do we not have a “pageant” about countries? If we have such pageant, Mauritius would be a powerhouse. Because we have both the outer and inner beauty. We all know Mauritius has exquisite beaches, 6 stars rated hotels, amazing fauna and flora. These are the known facts but we are also an island where the Muslims share the ‘’biryani’’ with the Hindus and the Hindus celebrates Divali with the Christians, the Buddhists invites the Sikhs for the Spring Festival Parade. That is my country and these are my people.

10. Using your native language, promote yourself to the world.

Alaaaalaaaaa! Mais bon passons,arête juge dimoune par cki zot trouver sans ki zot konne li. Parski pa bliyer, dimoune p juge toi aussi. Alors, arett mett baton dan la roue dimoune, hahaha M,o penser ki mo ena certains qualite qui bcp pa tiena peut etre dabns le paC. Mo n tifi franche ek mo pa pu couyone personne.. Moena certains principe dans mo la vie ki mo respect tout le temps.. VOILA!

11. Lastly, a message to all your fans at Missosology.

Fans? I do not have many, do I? I do see all the bashing,insults etc . But i’ll try my best to change things. That would my first and genuine victory. Because you cannot really progress if people do not like you. You should learn that you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug or just a friendly pat on the back.


Special thanks to forumer “Miss Azerbaijan” for facilitating the interview. Missosology wishes Ameeksha the best of luck at Miss Universe 2012.


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