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Beauty Talks: Miss Universe Malaysia 2012, Kimberly Leggett

Kimberly Leggett, Malaysia
Kimberly Leggett, Malaysia

With flawless fair skin and an amiable lovely face, Kimberly Leggett is working hard these days in order to prepare herself for the upcoming Miss Universe 2012 pageant. The target is no less than the crown but by just making it to the semifinalist list will be a great honor, for she represents a country which has only made it to the semis of the pageant once. But as Kimberly revealed in this exclusive interview, it could be her character that will serve as the best weapon in achieving her ultimate goal.

1.  Missosology felt that the exclusion of last year’s Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry from the semis of Miss Universe is an injustice. Do you feel the same way too?

I feel that everything happens for a reason and we can only look back and learn from the past. Deborah left a huge mark on the Miss Universe stage last year and that is undeniably one that has made the world open it’s eyes to what Malaysia has to offer now and in years to come.

2.  What lessons/tips that Deborah had imparted to you?

She told me to work hard & do everything I can to be prepared, so that I can compete knowing that I couldn’t have done anything else differently. No matter the outcome, I will know that I did my best!

3.  Can you tell us what preparations are you making right now for the Miss Universe 2012 pageant?

I’ve just moved to Kuala Lumpur from my hometown island of Penang, so I’ve made the commitment to focus on my preparations. I’m settling in and getting into a healthy routine which involves working out to be physically and mentally ready for Miss Universe 2012 – one of my main goals at this point.

4.  Please describe yourself in three words.

Sporty, determined and strong.

 5.  What perfume do you wear most of the time and why?

Dolce & Gabanna – Rose The One, because it was given to me by my best friend before leaving to Australia, it reminds me of our fun times together every time I wear it. It’s the essential accessory for a night out!

6.  Please describe your fashion sense.

I’m all over the board! I like fashion and one day I could be wearing biker boots, with an old rock t-shirt one day, wearing an LBD cocktail dress with classic pumps the next or a summer dress with flip flops the day after that! It’s fashion, it’s fun and as a woman, I love enjoying the versatility it lets me have!

7.  What makes you proud of being a Malaysian?

We are one. No matter what is your skin color, religious background, cultural background or moral beliefs – we are all the same because our heart is Malaysian. It’s the fact that you feel family in Malaysia wherever you go and that everyone’s your brother or sister… that makes me proud of my Home Country. Our delicious food aside (or in our tummies!), it’s the beauty of seeing a rainbow of people from different walks of life at one table on at every social gathering. We’re 1Malaysia!

8.  Do you think that Malay women should be allowed to join pageants? Why or why not?

I feel that any woman should have the right to join pageants on their on accord, however respectful we should also be respectful of religious regulations that are in place.

9.  So far, what’s the most significant event in your reign as Miss Universe Malaysia?

The Fugee School End-of-Year Party, which was a celebration of the achievements of the children at Refugee School which Deborah Henry co-founded. As one of my first charity initiatives of my reign – it was a celebration of success and happiness and a bright example that showed me that as Miss Universe Malaysia you can help people and achieve wonderful things.

10.  We heard you can speak French, how come?

In school, part of our syllabus required me to take up a foreign language, so I chose French! I studied it for 4/5 years and I now take a great interest in communication/foreign languages because it makes it easier to connect with people from all over the world. I’m looking to take up Mandarin this year too! (fingers crossed!)

11.  Lastly a message to your fans at Missosology.

Thank you for your support – Malaysia Boleh! — and KimBoleh too! ;)

Photography by Michele Yong
Make-up & hair by Kelly Mah using Rimmel London
Tiara: Suhara Jewel Art
Gown: Jovian Rayke Mandagie 

Special thanks to Lucille Dayan for providing the photos and to Malaysia’s National Director Andrea Fonseka for facilitating the interview. Missosology wishes Kimberly the best of luck at Miss Universe 2012.


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