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Beauty Talks: Miss Universe Indonesia 2012 Maria Selena

Maria Selena, Indonesia
Maria Selena, Indonesia

Maria Selena’s distinct Asian looks is what could awe the general audience. Her flawless skin, her irresistible lips and  well-shapednose surely turn heads. But while her Asian features are distinct her appeal is absolutely international. She has an aura of opulence and class. There is no doubt that she is prepared to become the second Indonesian to be in the Miss Universe semifinals.

Here in this exclusive interview, meet the confident Puteri Indonesia 2011/Miss Universe Indonesia 2012 Maria Selena.

1. Please describe yourself, where you grew up and what your plans are for the future.

I am the youngest in my family; I have no sister but two brothers.  I spend mostly my time on doing my homework and enjoying my hobbies in arts and sports. I used to accompany my father playing tennis every weekend. After finishing my study, I wish to become a super model, while still exploring my talents in arts, sport and culinary.

2. What do you think that Indonesia has only one semifinalist in the Miss Universe contest?

Indeed it was a fact; but that fact increases the effort of Miss Indonesia Foundation as the sole holder of Miss Indonesia Pageant Contest and me, to work harder, to prepare our participant for Miss Universe Pageant Contest better, and to know better the evaluation criteria used to name semifinalist, and even Miss Universe.

3. Do you think that beauty pageant like Puteri Indonesia is against the cultural and religious sensitivities of Indonesians, particularly the Muslims?

Not at all; because Puteri Indonesia is selected amongst the Indonesian youth participated in the Puteri Indonesia pageant Contest held every year… the criteria of the winner are judged from the best equilibrium of her beauty, brain and behavior.

4. Indonesian fans had been frustrated for the underperformance of Indonesian representatives at Miss Universe. What is your strategy that you will perform better ats Miss Universe 2012?


I believe that all participants in the Miss Universe Pageant Contest were chosen among the best talented young ladies in their respective countries. So all participants have equal opportunity to win the title. My strategy is just focusing on my good preparation, since good preparation will enhance my ability and my self confidence.


5. Are you in anyway worried of the other Miss Universe 2012 Contestants who are being hyped by their fans?

Not really, since I will rely strongly on my own confidence and ability.

6. What are the usual contents of your bag?


Just common stuffs, like purse, cellular phone, lipstick and perfume for taking care of my presence.  In addition a simple yet interesting book for my free time.

7. If you were banished from your country Indonesia, which country would you prefer to go and why?


I do hope that I would never be banished from my country that I love so dearly. I was born, growing up and enjoying such happy life in my country Indonesia. I even wish when my time comes, to die and be buried in my motherland. Although I like also some countries, e.g. Switzerland; because of her beautiful scenery, good governance and her standard of living.

8. Name the Miss Universe winner that you admire most.


She is Miss Leila Lopes. I happened to be with her for a short time during her visit to Indonesia. And I was amazed by her personality which reflects her genuine inner beauty.


9. What is your favorite book and why?


I truly love books on arts and designs. I am always attracted by people’s way of thought and expressions in their own style. Such uncommon ideas could usually be found in books on arts and design. It could help me thinking out of the box.

10. Among the Indonesian political figures, which one do you admire most and why?


The political figure I admire most is the Indonesian fourth President, the late Dr. Abdurrahman Wahid, popularly known as Gus Dur.  In my opinion he was the true champion of pluralism in Indonesia, by strongly encouraged the implementation of Bhineka Tunggal Ika or The Unity in Diversity in Indonesia by all Indonesian people regardless of their origins, religions, and beliefs.

11. Finally, a message to your millions of Indonesian fans at Missosology.

What I achieved successfully until now, are because of you. Thank you so much my Indonesian fans at Missosology; particularly for your information, critics and support you have given to me. It means a lot to me. Once again thank you so much! And also thank you Missosology !


Special thanks to Mega Angkasa for facilitating the interview! Good luck to Maria Selena from Missosology.


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