Miss World 2016 talent contest finalists announced


The Miss World 2016 official facebook page has recently announced the talent contest finalists and they as follows:

Miss Poland Kaja Klimkiewicz : Singer
Miss Hungary Tímea Gelencsér: Acrobat
Miss Latvia Linda Kinca: Dancer
Miss Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel: Magician
Miss Chile Antonia Figueroa: Violinist
Miss Croatia Angélica Zacchigna: Singer
Miss Malta Anthea Zammit: Dancer
Miss Philippines Oleksandra Kucherenko: Singer
Miss Ukraine Oleksandra Kucherenko: Pianist & Dancer
Miss Canada Anastasia Lin: Pianist

The winner of the talent contest will be decided by the general public. The Miss World organization has tapped Mobstar to launch a platform for public voting and the details are yet to be released. The winner of the talent contest will have an automatic place in the Top 20.

The biggest question is how does the talent contest affect the overall results of Miss World. Looking back at history, the first ever winner of the talent contest is Miss Philippines Louvette Hammond during the Miss World 1978 pageant. The special award did not make a comeback until 2001 when Miss Barbados Stephanie Chase won the award through her golden voice. She failed to be one of the semifinalists though.

It seems that singing is the most preferred talent but contestants who danced and fiddled also won. Since 2002, when Miss USA Rebekah Revels sang her way to victory, every winner of the talent contest made it to semifinals. China’s Yu Wenxia is the only talent winner on record that eventually became Miss World.

Winning the talent contest will not mean you will be the next Miss World. However, it is a morale booster for a candidate and her chances of capturing the most-sought after blue crown will also get a boost too!