Daniela Miron is Miss Mundo Argentina 2015



For an Argentine woman to participate at the British run Miss World pageant is very much politically awkward. The Argentines and the British never see things eye to eye. Take football for example. Maradona, a legendary Argentine football player, once famously scored using his hand against England in a World Cup 1986 match. For the British it was cheating. For the Argentines it was the hand of God. And of course there’s the thorniest issue of them all – Falkland Islands for the British, Islas Malvinas for the Argentines.

Argentina boasts two Miss World crowns – won by Norma Gladys Cappagli and Silvana Rosa Suárez Clarence. All of these crowns were won prior the Falklands War. Argentina boycotted the Miss World pageant at the height of the conflict but came back in 1987 and – it what it seemed like a sign of goodwill – placed 4th runner-up on that year. Since then, no Argentine beauty has ever landed at the semis of Miss World. Awkward indeed.

But whether the Falklands War has something to do with the Argentine drought at Miss World or not, Daniela Miron from Mendoza, who just won the Miss Mundo Argentina crown, has a tough battle ahead. Pageantry is no longer that interesting in Argentina. The state of the economy is not helping so there is not much sponsor to scour for much needed funding.

Nevertheless, Daniela is pretty optimistic. The 22 year old beauty has all the right curves despite Miss World promising that it will not conduct the Beach Beauty segment – a segment dreaded both by the feminists and ISIS terrorists. She is also a seasoned model which will give her an edge at the Top Model contest.

So, will the Argentine frost be finally thawed? Or will the drought be finally over? We will know for sure in December once Daniela competes for the Miss World 2015 crown in Sanya, China. For now though, she needs to boost her confidence and she also needs prayers. Lots and lots of prayers.