OPINION :: Don’t expect Miss World 2015 to be fair


by Latino Observer

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Are you excited about Miss World 2015? Unfortunately I am not excited. I have read and re-read a news article from The Globe and Mail and the title of the news is “Miss World Canada blocked from contest due to China visa denial”. What does this title mean to you and me as pageant observers? For me, this is very clear that China has big influence on the Miss World pageant whenever it is held in their country.

Okay, maybe you disagree with me but let me share to you what I have read in The Globe and Mail: While the Conservative government in Ottawa voiced support for Ms. Lin, the Trudeau government said it will not comment on a specific visa case, and the Miss World Organization has not publicly protested to Chinese authorities. Such reticence demonstrates China’s influence on something as relatively innocuous as a beauty contest. The controversy also shows the consequences for speaking out against the Chinese government outside of the country’s borders.

See, just try to read between the lines and form your own conclusion. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that two Miss World winners from China were crowned in…wait for it – China! Also, people had been talking about how Miss Norway Mariann Birkedal was denied of at least Top 3 finish largely because the Norwegian government awarded the Nobel Prize to a Chinese dissident.

Miss World 2015 contestants
Miss World 2015 contestants

So, why I say that Miss World 2015 will not be fair? As demonstrated by the denial of visa to Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin, China has all the dirty tactics on its sleeve. And here’s another one: ask yourself which nations are currently considered as the antagonists to the Chinese government? Yep, these countries can kiss goodbye to the Miss World crown for China will never allow you all to be victorious in their home soil.

The silence of Miss World is understandable though. No one wants to be rude to your host, right? Miss World 2015 has so far enjoyed great food [did you hear that Miss Earth?], fabulous accommodation and impeccable hospitality. The Mail and Globe reported that Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin has officially missed the deadline and will no longer participate in the 2015 pageant. They offered her to retain her title and compete in the 2016 pageant which will be held in South Korea [?].

Isn’t it interesting how political can beauty pageants get, eh? The same newspaper turned to Jessica Trisko for some insights:

For Jessica Trisko Darden, an international relations professor – and the first Canadian to win the ecologically minded Miss Earth contest – the absence of a Canadian contestant is poignant. “It shows the susceptibility of Canadians who have dual nationalities – and it raises questions about our government’s ability to ensure that all Canadians are treated fairly by other governments,” said Dr. Trisko, who teaches at American University in Washington.

But whatever. Miss World is boring except for the Dances of the World. Besides, Miss Universe will be just a day away.



  1. So expect Philippines has 90-99% chance of not placing in this 65th edition of Miss World but their is a 1-10% chance of making through but only in top 10 because the “Man Power” China will not let there political enemies to advance specially in top 5 which is the real judging base of who will be the winner, while expect the tranny Goldilocks who dances like a porcelain machine gun Venezuela to in place or just surprise a lot of people in the top 15…

  2. Crawl back to the cave you came out from. You can make excuses for the pointless miss earth pageant but you expect miss world to help over 100 contestants gain visa to host country? Do you think this is the first time a contestant’s application for visa has been denied? Or are you saying that whenever 1 of the 100 contestants have their visa denied, miss world should move the pageant to another country? Just as you don’t care for miss world, I don’t care for miss universe either but I would like to remind a delusional creature like you that your ‘favorite’ pageant that was created in united states has also been won by Miss USAs 6 good times on home soil. Are you trying to tell me that Olivia Culpo is more deserving of the title than Wenxia Yu? Even when they don’t end up winning, they always place way higher than they deserve. How did Nia Sanchez place higher than Miss Ukraine, Miss Netherlands and Miss Jamaica? I don’t even find her pretty to start with, and I’m not sure how she made it to top 15. My point is, if you’d rather watch half naked women who have no clue on what to do with their future (where are miss universe winners?) to beauties with brains(if I mention all successful miss world winners, this comment will be too long), then fine, but don’t talk or bring down a pageant you claim not to care about.

  3. Miss Canada was barred from Miss World because of the high handed antics by a Chinese cult called the CCP or the communist party of China. While we are lead to believe by the comrades that Falun Gong is a cult, it is in fact demonized by the CCP to silence dissent. Now, I agree that the CCP will try to exert their influence to make their ugly girls place in the Miss World pageant by hosting it there as a way to rally its citizens behind their rat-eating party the same way when they took over Tibet, Xinjiang and parts of India, Philippines and Japan and by brainwashing its people that their lands and seas are being taken by these countries. This article is spot on. You can’t trust a government that stifles the will of its people. Too bad Miss World organization’s political correctness exposes its weakness by not standing up against the Chinese.

    • just wait for china to be your master soon..there is nothing you can do..you will live in the floating house in the middle of the international waters!…praise the lord im no longer a citizen on this disgraceful country…