MISS WORLD 2014 :: If Only She Was There…


Flora Coquerel came into the Miss World 2014 competition as a top favorite. It’s not arocket science to understand as to why she was a top contender. First, she’s got the momentum as last year since Marine Lorphelin came a few inches away from winning the crown. Second, Flora has all the requirements of Miss World beauty. Sweet? Check! Elegant? Check! Intelligent? Check! Compassionate? Check!

Flora is one of the Top 25 in Top Model contest


Even during the competition, Flora was shining all throughout. At one point, she led the pack of more than 100 beautiful contestants by topping the interview scores. She was one of the Top 20 contestants in the Top Model competition. She landed as one of the Top 5 in the World Designer Award by wearing a fabulous gown designed by the fashion house Gribha by Michel El Fassy.

Flora in a Gribha International gown


So how come Flora didn’t make it to the Top 25? The most probable explanation is that Flora may not have scored that well in the other aspects of the competition like Beach Fashion or Beauty with a Purpose. Sad but true, the scoring system of Miss World 2014 was messy and not as transparent as what the fans would like it to be. Indeed, it is not easy to digest the fact that Flora failed to become one of the quarterfinalists despite being the outright winner of the interview.

Flora with Miss Haiti


Flora nevertheless represented France in the best way possible. She had her best moment in the competition and it is very evident that this young woman exuded that charm and intelligence necessary to shine in the competition. She had worked hard in her charity works and even visited her mother’s home country of Benin to spread the love and caring that Miss World is so passionate about.


If only Flora was there in the Top 25, we could have seen a beauty that represents the cosmopolitan spirit of France. We could have seen her elegance, her charm, her sweetness and above all her intelligence.

With Denise Perrier, France’s first and only Miss World winner


  1. AGREE ! Thank you Missosology for this article ! Flora deserved to be in the Top 25.. So Sad! Hope to see her at Miss Universe very soon.