It’s official: Miss World 2017 to be held in China


The 2017 Miss World finals will take place in China at the end of the year. This was confirmed in a press conference held April 8 at Hilton Shekou Shenzhen in China.

According to a press release on Miss World’s official website, contestants will arrive in China un early November. The date and venue of the finals will be announced at a later date.

Miss World will also have a new format for this year, with “greater emphasis” on social media and interactivity.

The pageant will be hosted by the New Silk Road group, who is also appointed as the new franchise holder for Miss World China.

Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle and Miss World Organisation chairman Julia Morley were present in the event. They were joined by two former Miss World titleholders from China. Zilin Zhang (2007) and Wenxia Yu (2012).

“I am so pleased to be coming to China to work alongside the dynamic and brilliant team of New Silk Road,” said Morley. Missosology.Org




  1. Miss World what??? This pageant is irrelevant already. It has to kiss ass with an irrelevant pageant country like China that is NOT known for beautiful women to get FREE hosting. My guess is China will win because IT paid for it. I heard that Julia will hold the next Miss World at Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands. Now, that is a sign of desperation.

  2. congratulations in advance to miss china and miss indonesia! many have lost interest in mess world because of the injustices that happened last year, goodbye mess world! 😛