Missosology’s Miss World 2014 Final Hot Picks


Missosology’s Miss World 2014 Final Predictions

1. South Africa
2. India
3. Mexico
4. Australia
5. Hungary

6. Scotland
7. England
8. USA
9. Netherlands
10. Guyana

11. Kenya
12. Russia
13. Philippines
14. France
15. Indonesia

16. South Sudan
17. Turkey
18. Brazil
19. Sweden
20. Namibia



      • @Kababayan2014(pinoy poser)

        Philippines made it to the top 25…where is your candidate? Congratulations Philippines for representing our country so well and Congratulations to Ms. South Africa

    • She lied about her beauty with a purpose story. She went as far as, making up her so called abusive story! It was fabricated and all she wants is to be a famous super star, she could careless about principles and humanitarianism.

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself. Why do you hide your identity behind our precious country’s image? If Raffieya uses cocaine, I’m sure someone at the pageant would notice. People cannot survive without cocaine. And Raffieya is very tall but slim. From what I see the only health issue she might have is thyroid in gaining weight because we all see how much she eats. Now you can go off yourself and stop trying to tear this girl and her success down. People don’t believe Bill Cosby raped people. I won’t be surprised if people don’t believe her because in our society even when men violate us, our claims are not validated unless a man says so. Shame on you loser hiding behind my country’s name! Smh

    • She lied about herself being a victim of abused! It was fabricated by the entire franchise, she paid her way to the Miss Guyana World Crown bringing shame to herself and country. All she wants is to be famous and don’t care how she gets it. She has no genuine feelings towards humanitarianism and BWP! Smh at the people who believes her lies! The pageant committee knows this but they are covering it up as always money is what they all want.

  2. Predictions are going wrong please chk for predictions in case of Miss International and Miss Earth, Miss Earth organization will crown to Philippines always

  3. What about Albania omg! Albania has the most beautiful girls in the planet im Not saying this bcs I’m Albanian but its truee ! We don’t sent to many beautiful girls in competitions though . I sow this girl once in a fotoshoting she was amaizing ! Her name is Lorna Dynaj. It was hard to find her a picture bcs she doesnt have any social account but i did it. We should sent her.

    • I THink Lorna Dynaj already won a beauty peagent. In 2010 Miss Earth Albania. But she left the competition. She is such a beauty anyway

    • Miss earth 2010 Lorna berdynaj. That’s her real name. She is an albanian model who quit the competition due to her personal reasons. She is not very tall though. 1.70 or smth. Her face is stuning. I THINK that she is not allowed to compete anymore . I prefer afroviti , Lorna dynaj may be beautiful but afroviti is more qualified.