Miss World 2014 12th Hot Picks



Miss World 2014 12th Hot Picks

Carina Tyrrell of England tops this week’s list as we head to the final stretch. We have chosen England because she has all the ingredients of your classic Beauty with a Purpose and Miss World prototype. She’s the most eloquent and articulate speaker in this batch as she speaks from the heart with passion and genuineness.





  • Gerel BZ

    Miss Mongolia is beautiful, good luck

  • TMT_Tamir

    goodluck Battsetseg Turbat,Miss Mongolia

  • Maria Gabriela Carvajal Suarez

    Go Venezuela

  • jeane

    i like mongolian. i feel she has good charishma…..

  • MrMexico

    Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, Mexico

  • Marcelino Matthews

    South Africa for the win

  • pat

    Trinidad and Tobago is the winner. She is so humble, intelligent and beautiful

  • Undraa

    Mongolia, Mongolia and Mongolia 🙂

  • I think Mexico and also about Mogolia

  • uriel

    Go Argentina 😉

  • bolderdene


  • escrow

    bravo Tanzania


    TNT!!!! 🙂

  • khuslen

    mongolia mongolia mongolia mongolia mongolia mongolia

  • BabyDoll

    Where is Russia ? She could easily win. India is over rated.

  • Ashley

    Mongolian girl looks so fresh and beautiful., i believe she can represent Asia.,

  • Mariz


  • Trini13

    go Trinidad and Tobago! Go Sarah!

  • Rose Jamsran

    Good luck Mongolian girl Ms.Battsetseg. Mongolia,Mongolia,Mongolia .I love you beautiful princess.

  • tuul

    Good luck Mongolian girl .

  • Alessa

    I am wondering, we have a different leader every week. Maybe the competition is so stiff, that Missosology cannot commit to a “winner”? Hmmm, for me, the crown belongs to Rolene (South Africa), Koyal (India) or Maeya (Thailand). I also hope that Valerie (Philippines) will make it to the Top 5. 🙂 I want to become a Miss World someday. Maybe in 5 years’ time. 🙂 Lots of love from the Philippines!

  • juan

    I N D O N E S I A

  • george

    Why doesn´t appear Venezuela on this top?

  • Shiv G

    Miss T&T …. Time for a second title !!!

  • shinebayar

    go mongolia

  • Ayiti! Go Caro.