Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 Top 5
Miss Universe 2015 Top 5

It was a final’s night that was as cruel as it was exciting. Never had we seen before a mess up so big! Steve Harvey, the host of Miss Universe 2015 mistakenly called Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez as the winner. Ariadna was crowned, sashed and walked as a winner for at least a minute. Then Steve came back onstage, shoulders drooped and his face ashen. Then he apologized. He made a mistake. To err is human but to forgive such a monumental mistake would take a lot of effort.

Under new ownership with a fabulous production and a jaw-dropping stage, Miss Universe 2015 was an unequalled major pageant of the year. Save for the mistake, it could have been perfect. The pageant saw some unexpected semifinalists and some of the wasted ladies especially Miss India and Miss Vietnam. For India, this sealed their fate. The superpower nation is officially now a clapper in all Big4 Pageants. No one could remember when was the last time that this fabulous nation failed in such an epic way.

Pia Wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach

Nevertheless, the overall winner was totally deserving. Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was the clear front runner from the start. She was further boosted by the public votes as she constantly topped them. By the end of the night, one of the judges, Niecy Nash, revealed that Pia was actually the top choice of all four judges.

Pia Wurtzbach
Pia Wurtzbach

Despite all the pandemonium and conspiracy theories, Miss Universe 2015 concluded by giving an early Christmas gift to the Philippines. It is after all a pageant crazy nation that waited for 42 long years for its third Miss Universe crown. It was also a fitting conclusion after a five year unbroken streak in the semis [4 of which were in the Top 5]! Indeed, such a wonderful victory. Congratulations Pia Wurtzbach! Congratulations Philippines! Mabuhay!

Miss Universe 2015 Top 5
Miss Universe 2015 Top 5

Complete results:

Miss Universe 2015: Philippines – Pia Wurtzbach
1st Runner-up: Colombia – Ariadna Gutiérrez
2nd Runner-up: USA – Olivia Jordan
Top 5
Australia – Monika Radulovic
France – Flora Coquerel
Top 10
Curaçao – Kanisha Sluis
Dominican Republic – Clarissa Molina
Japan – Ariana Miyamoto
Thailand – Aniporn Chalermburanawong
Venezuela – Mariana Jimenez
Top 15
Belgium – Annelies Törös
Brazil – Marthina Brandt
Indonesia – Anindya Kusuma
Mexico – Wendolly Esparza
South Africa – Refilwe Mthimunye


      • Mr. Jojo, if I am correct I thought united states was part of North American continent and Colombia was part of South American continent.

          • I think all of you, except serendipity, are confusing Hemispheres with Continents. They share a hemisphere (Western). But the USA is in North America and Colombia is South America.

          • North America includes Canada, USA, Greenland (Denmark), Mexico (in some cases) and portions of the Caribbean. Central America is considered a region (like South Asia, or South-East Asia) and not a continent. The most common convention is anything below the Panama Canal is South America. The whole world teaches like that.

          • Dumbo. The least you can do is read books and search the Internet. Again, there are seven continents: Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Antartica, North America and South America.

    • Miss France is half-African and half-European.

      Miss Germany is half-garbage and half-sewer with her mouth littered with bitterness and hatred. What an asshole pageant candidate and an embarrassment to Germany! LOL.

        • Miss France could have been in the top 3 if:

          1. She acknowledged Steve Harvey when she approached him.
          2. She did not sound like she was kowtowing to the terrorists by saying “we have to listen to the people who are committing these attacks”. Really? These terrorists have NO SANE reason but take over the world and kill everyone that will stand in their way.
          3. If she projected more confidence in her smile.

          Miss Australia would have been in my Top 3 if:

          1. She did not say “That marijuana is a TREATMENT for cancer”. It does NOT treat cancer. It alleviates their pain to some degree during the early stages. But when cancer is advanced or end stage, marijuana does not help at all.

      • Miss Germany really played her role as Miss Colombia’s clapper to the hilt. LOL. Maybe she thought she had no chance at all anyway.

        Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, one of the four judges, said it perfectly in his podcast: “Here’s the difference between Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia: Miss Philippines came to win, Miss Colombia came to lose. Colombia came as if she had already won, and that’s sexy also, to have that confidence but I think she truly believed that she was going to win. Whereas Philippines came with something to prove….”

        He ended by saying “I voted for Miss Philippines, and I found out afterwards that it was unanimous. Every single judge in that panel, all four of us, voted for Miss Philippines to be number one. So then, when Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia won, I was in shock. I couldn’t even speak.”

        Obviously, Miss Philippines didn’t need Miss Germany’s inconsequential vote anyway because she already had all the four judges’ votes.

    • yh Tanzania was very good in the prelims (tbh she d make it to top 5 if she had placed) and yet southafrica tht was average (idk why), placed in the final night, it was a weird weird night…interesting as u said

        • Ok, If there are two Americas then are there two Europes? North Europe and South Europe, two Asias North and South, two Africas North Africa and South Africa, etc…? There are six models of 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, and 7 continents taught differently accross the world. The most widely known and accepted as the most geographically and politically correct model is the one with 6: Africa, Europe, Asia, America, Antarctica and Australia. The other model with six continents separates Americas but joins Europe-Asia as Eurasia, which is not correct. Also, Mexico is in America in ALL cases, not in some cases as you say. Central America also belongs to a Continent: America. It is a Region as you say, but a Region within America. Then… there were 2 American contestants in the MU final top five.

          • Sorry, but because you learned it that way, does not make it fact.

            Please see the Merriam Webster Definition (USA):

            “one of the great divisions of land (such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or Antarctica) of the Earth”

            If you think it’s only USA that believes that way then please see the Oxford Dictionary (UK) definition of continent:

            “Any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America).”

            FYI: There are also is a South American tectonic plate, which has no bearing on continents, but closlely mimics what a continent is.”

  1. when Philippines was in the back and heard the words that she was the real winner, you could tell she felt horrible for what was about to happen, she has such a kind heart.

    Thank you from all of your fans- thank you for bringing the crown back to Asia!

  2. Miss Philippines was my bet to win from the start, even during the preliminaries. She gave the most specific answer to the final question among the 3.

    If I were to judge the winners based on the answers alone, this is the most accurate ranking:

    Winner- Philippines. Her answer was very specific and doable tackling the youth on HIV and AIDS that is creeping the Philippines when 10 years ago, it wasn’t even on the radar of the health department in that country.

    1st Runner Up- USA. She want equality among men and women and empower women. You can’t empower women enough when in fact a lot of women in the USA are now breadwinners? Did she refer to Mexico when she said mistakenly said the “Mex” Universe?

    2nd Runner Up- Colombia. She talked about her and Latina women ONLY. Limited scope with no specifics. Enough said. The translator even made her answer sound better after she stuttered on her answer.

    • personally i dont mind if the answer is specific or general, but a straightforward with common sense d do, i miss fun, witty, practical answers like Dayana Mendoza’s, why it always has to be a responsable, uptight, perfect answers? thts why many of em has problems with it, looking 4 the perfect answer, but thts my taste anyway

    • I agree with your ranking based on the final question. Among the three, Miss Colombia’s answers to the questions- one during the last five and another during the final three- were either the most shallow (last three round) or irrelevant (last five round).

      During the last five, she was asked about the solution to the illegal drug problem, which is a huge problem in her country, and she answered something about the value of education! Either she was hard of hearing or her mind was already focused on her coronation! She should have been cut right there, with Miss Australia’s informed answer to her question making her more deserving for a place in the final three.

      In the final three round, on why she should be crowned Miss Universe, what stuck to me was her answer that she had all the qualities of a Latina, so she deserved to be MU. I think that answer was perfect for the 2015 Miss Latino-Americana pageant, not the 2015 Miss Universe.

  3. Global “Mistake” Beauties website still has not embraced Pia Wurtzbach’s win. They need to shut down their extremely biased website coz not only they are bitter losers but they are MOST OF THE TIME WRONG on their final predictions of major beauty pageants. They need to hire PINOYS who have better eyes and judgement on how a global beauty should look.

    • IKR they arent objectives at all, and their predictions are so lame, miss world (Spain) wasnt in their top 10 and only Lebanon in their top 5 was in the MW final 5. awful awful !!!

  4. “For India, this sealed their fate. The superpower nation is officially now a clapper in all Big4 Pageants. No one could remember when was the last time that this fabulous nation failed in such an epic way.” Yes sweety it is becoz India wont get the crown even if cleopatra represents India. Contests like miss universe and miss world are not free of their politics and economics…..and getting India on winners position wont get them anything what they got back in 1990s.

      • Who knows they might start their lucky streak again next year. Miss U will be held again in the Philippines in 2016 and last time it was held there, India won.

        So Miss India 2015, stop being a bitch to the new Miss Universe. Filipinos might block your country’s chance next year.

    • Hopefully India will do well in future stagings of MU and MW. I miss their beautiful and articulate candidates in the past that have brought glory to their country. I’m still a big fan of Indian beauties.

  5. 1st mistak: Vietnam didnt placed

    2nd mistake: Japan (with no butt AT ALL) was better thn Brazil or Mexico in swimsuit competition

    3rd mistake: yes u guessed it…”the confusion”… MISS UNIVERSE HORROR STORY!!!

    • This is a POST TRUMP ERA in Miss Universe so let’s stop looking at the photos alone. Mister Trump wanted BIMBOS to surround him because he is UGLY so he has this severe inferiority complex. He likes to surround himself with BOSSOMY WOMEN WHO LOOKS LIKE JESSICA RABBITT even if they don’t speak English and is not really the smartest.

      So let’s stay away now from judging contestants just based on how they look. Trump is now out so we NEED to bring back beauty and brains in this pageant.

      • totally agree and its a matter of taste ik, but if u look Japan in swimsuit competition carefully u can see she has no behind and to me thts not pretty or harmonic for a so called beautiful body, i dont like bossomy or bimbos neither (only if it looks natural or not too big) but i saw Japan and there was nothing, France is so skinny yet she is harmonic, now thts beauty, anyways

        • I completely agree with Seara. How the heck did Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, and Belgium got top 15 when Vietnam, Italy, India, and Paraguay didn’t make the top.??? Yes Miss Universe is beauty and brain, so beauty has to be there first and then brain comes in later….you can’t pick some ugly ass lady and say she’s Miss Universe because she has brain!!!! This year competition is a complete let down!!!

          • Well missy, number 1- just checking if your vision is 20/20. Miss Philippines is NOT ugly Just because your BEEYATCH DID NOT WIN does not make the other contestants UGLY.

            Number 2. You are contradicting yourself. You mean you pick up the best looking face and body first before you talk to the person? Missy, this is not a dating game for bachelors. The contestants attend functions and events and undergo multiple interviews and interactions with members and guests of the Miss Universe organization for almost a month before the coronation night. You think they based their 15 semifinalists on ONE NIGHT ONLY?

            Number 3. I was right the first time I commented on Miss Vietnam and Miss India. I think I should be a judge in Miss Universe or be a rightful member of the Missosology team. If you dig my posts about Miss India and Miss Vietnam here, I questioned Miss India’s responses to the interview and her Bunny Ranch look. I even mentioned how her gown looked like Scheherazade or Aladdin costume. I watched Ms. Vietnam’s unintelligible talk, big lips and over posturing. Was I right when I questioned the predictions here? Damn I was!

          • One more thing, I also commented in the swimsuit article which has since been deleted here in Missosology that Colombia looks like she is strutting to find an agent to be a PORN STAR IN Las Vegas. Well, good news for her…… and again I’m right. She was offered by a PORN MOVIE COMPANY named VIVID a $1 million dollar contract to appear in their porn movies. Wasn’t I right that she looked like a porn star or her looks is porn star quality?

          • Damn Pinoy, I never said miss Universe 2015 is ugly, I just said in general, we cannot pick the ugly+brain to become Miss Universe. Take a chill pill, sit your ass down child, go drink some milk.

          • That’s the best you can say? And you really QUESTIONED Japan, Indonesia, South Africa and Belgium’s inclusion in the TOP 15? Are you that dumb? Watch their interviews and conversations. They are very smart. NOT LIKE YOU. LOL

  6. Who ever hired Steve Harvey needs to be FIRED !!! He was totally unqualified to be host and sounded lecherous when discussing the ladies in the swimsuit competition.
    The entire MUO team did NOT know how to handle the situation, Philippines did not receive any direction as to what to do after being told she won.
    What we didn’t see in this clip that I saw in the news was a crazy lady in the front signaling Paulina Vega to take off the crown off of Colombia and place it on Philippines.
    Also, not in the clip was the girls rallied around Colombia Not Philippines after the mis-crowning because they felt that an injustice had been done to her and Philippines was cheating out of this moment.
    The MUO team should be FIRED and Steve Harvey should be SUED,,in the tape,, he did say that he would take TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY
    There were 2 Hosts that year but Roselyn Sanchez was relegated to the backstage the entire telecast.
    Never has there been one host standing there,, who decided that , should be Fired !!
    The mistake would not have been made if the other host was also looking at the card.
    This is a FIASCO !!!! Heads need to roll.
    The computer process for tv audience judging was so FLAWED. It kept crashing and it was easy to hack into it so the results can be skewed. I was never able to vote and my computer said that the website was not available.
    Who thought of this ? That person needs to be fired as well.
    Only 4 live Judges , all American ??
    The person at the Top of the MUO needs to resign of r get fired for such a LOUSY JOB

    • All the LATINA GIRLS rallied around Miss Colombia because they all DON’T understand English. Entiende? Should Steve Harvey translate to those DUMB GIRLS what he just said? Miss Colombia created a scene by crying out loud LIKE SHE WAS THE VICTIM. If only she UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, she would have ACCEPTED Steve Harvey’s apology. But she DID NOT OBVIOUSLY. And like most LATINA girls who watch telenovela, it was the perfect scenario to be PART OF THE DRAMA. And boy didn’t they jump up and down and shout “COLOMBIA” like it was some revolution against the ABOLITION of the DRUG CARTEL in Bogota?? Because they all DID NOT UNDERSTAND what Steve Harvey said.

      • If you really think that’s how Colombia or drug cartels or anything in life work, you obviously have no brains at all. People like this ass really lack in this world.

        • And didn’t you go off on a tangent missy? The girls where jumping up and down and hailing “Colombia!!” “Colombia!!” LIKE it was some revolution against the abolition of the drug cartels in Colombia. Entiendes? I wasn’t talking about the drug cartels per se but since the girls are rallying for the non-winner and ignored Philippines completely, they sounded like drug dealers who were against the abolition of drug cartels. They were on the wrong side of history. That just shows what kind of girls they are. Understand the analogy? Why insist even after Steve Harvey apologized for the mistake? What a bunch of numbnuts!

  7. where are the pure Philippine women in the competition. Pia is Half german…..the last years’s MJ too was half saudi… Megan too was born half american …excuse me!!!

    • Ariella Arida is pure filipino, Ms. Universe 2013, 3rd runner up.. as well as the other previous candidates in the Phil who won the Miss U title. Im just sayin’…