You can choose the Miss Universe 2015!


Yes, you – the fans and enthusiasts from around the world – can vote and choose the Miss Universe 2015! For the first time ever in the history of Miss Universe, the fans can log-in to and cast their scores in real time. The fan vote will help determine the Miss Universe 2015.

Visit now the webpage for more details! Do you think this is an exciting development at Miss Universe? Is it fair? Leave your comments below!





  1. just like what they had in miss usa?

    when i clicked on the article i was hoping it would say we can vote in the preliminaries. because if my favs don’t make the top 15 I’m just going to turn off the tv.

  2. Not fair. Smaller countries will never be able to compete. Especially with the time difference. Sad. I was really rooting for Tanzania, India and Phillipines but if we do it like this, Tanzania won’t get a chance 🙁

  3. This is the dumbest thing ever – of course everyone is going to vote for the girl in their own country. Some countries have a population of hundred of millions and some have a few hundred thousand …

  4. This is an attempt to please Filipino fans. Everyone knows they are the most numerous and most willing to spend their time voting for their candidate no matter what. Even on Missosology most forumers are Filipinos.