Ines Ligron denies rumors



Ines Ligron, the legendary French pageant coach and the former National Director of Miss Universe Japan, denied the rumors that she is set to become the president of the Miss Universe Organization. Ines clarified, that she was merely announcing that IMG Models is buying Miss Universe from Donald Trump as the latter is seeking to detach himself from the pageant after his comments against Mexican immigrants sparked boycotts and protests.

Ines posted in her Facebook page calling the rumors as false while referring to the article posted by Missosology earlier. READ Sources of Missosology said that Ines is eyed as the next president because of her experience in both Miss Universe Organization and IMG Models and is rumored to be asking for advise on how to reform the pageant. Ines was once the regional director of IMG Models for Asia and according to her the IMG Models will indeed be buying the Miss Universe pageant soon.