Ines Ligron takes over Miss Universe




Ines Ligron, the legendary French beauty coach and lifestyle guru, through the William Morris/IMG Models has reportedly bought the Miss Universe pageant from Donald Trump. The sale was concluded just recently and this in light of the series of uproar and boycotts thanks to the insensitive comments of Donald Trump against Mexican immigrants. Trump is currently busy for his bid for the White House and it has been reported for weeks that he is selling the pageant.

Ines, in her Facebook post which inexplicably in Filipino language, announced that she will reform the Miss Universe pageant and the audience should expect high fashion and better modeling contracts for the winners. It looks like William Morris/IMG Models will be the owner while Ines will serve as the President of the pageant, a role that Paula Shugart took under Trump.  The Miss Universe Organization however is yet to confirm the news. More details soon!


  1. Goodbye to Ms. Universe Pia Papaya…while the news around the world is Ines is handling Pia, she can’t be a President of the pageant and coaching a candidate and make her win. That would be a total conflict of interest. Even if Ines delegate the coaching to someone else, it will still be too obvious if Pia Papaya wins. And Ines promised reforms. Sorry Pia.